Timer Apps for Windows: Top 8 

Timer Apps for Windows

Everyone, whether they are students or businessperson, needs to keep track of their time. This post is about the top Windows timer apps that can help you be more successful, content, and joyful. It is crucial to have a productive life and day. A decent timer application is important, whether you’re timing the ideal cup of … Read more

New WhatsApp features coming in 2023

New WhatsApp features coming in 2023.  

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, releases new features and tools to improve the user experience. In 2023, users of both business and personal WhatsApp accounts could get a few new features.  WhatsApp has doubled the file-sharing limit to 2GB and introduced a new feature called Communities. Aside from that, new message responses are now accessible to … Read more

Best Apps for Windows in 2023 


The Microsoft Store isn’t as popular as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, but it does have some of the best apps for Windows to make your life easier. You can find anything from easy customization applications to programs. These apps can help you enhance your productivity, but finding them may be difficult. If … Read more

How to create a backup of WhatsApp chats?

_backup of WhatsApp chats

Are you formatting your phone, or migrating your data to a new phone, then do not forget to create a backup of your WhatsApp chats on Google Drive and iCloud. Millions of users use WhatsApp, and it also has become the home of numerous small-scale businesses. Therefore, keeping a backup of chats, received files, and … Read more

Best Customization Apps for Windows 11

Customization Apps for Windows 11

Almost a year back, Microsoft released Windows 11. The new Windows has many changes in TaskBar, widgets, notifications, and apps. Many people loved the new interface, while some found it not much satisfying. If you’re the second one who didn’t find Windows 11’s UI attractive or cool, then you should go through this article. There … Read more

Best Translator Apps: Top 6

Best Translator Apps

If you frequently travel abroad or work with people who speak other languages, you need the best language translator apps. There are several applications available now that can translate voice in real-time, and some even allow you to use your camera to translate text from a sign. Overall, it’s insane not to have translation software … Read more

Restrict Instagram accounts to limit unwanted activity

restrict instagram accounts

We all are familiar with the massive popularity of the Meta-owned social media app Instagram. Instagram is used all over the world. It has opened up many earning scopes by introducing vloggers, influencers, content creators, and so on. But, with the growing number of Instagram users, many privacy issues have also been raised. Instagram offers … Read more

Essential Windows apps for a new PC

essential windows apps

After buying a new PC or laptop, the first task is installing applications and software. There are innumerable software and applications available for Windows, so choosing the best ones is tricky. Therefore, in this list of essential windows apps, you will learn about some apps and software you must have on your new PC. Go … Read more

Best language learning apps: top 8

Best Language Learning apps

Before diving into these best language learning apps, I would like you to understand why learning a new language is important and fun. The modern human has overcome all the obstacles to get closer to each other. We have developed friendship sites, dating sites and what not just to remove all the boundaries and get … Read more

Make Instagram reels in 8 easy steps


Before learning to make Instagram reels, let us understand what it means. Reels let its users, content creators, and, influencers to create and discover short-form video content from across the world. Click to download the Instagram app for Android and iOS. How long can Instagram reels be?  Reels can be of 15, 30, or 60 … Read more