Best Customization Apps for Windows 11

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Almost a year back, Microsoft released Windows 11. The new Windows has many changes in TaskBar, widgets, notifications, and apps. Many people loved the new interface, while some found it not much satisfying. If you’re the second one who didn’t find Windows 11’s UI attractive or cool, then you should go through this article. There are numerous customization apps for Windows 11, but we gathered the 5 Best customization apps for you.

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5 Best Customization apps for Windows 11

  • Start11
  • ThisIsWin11
  • Rainmeter
  • RoundedTB
  • Lively Wallpaper


Windows 11 has an impressive interface, but if you want to get the interface that older Windows versions had, then using this app could be a great choice. With this app-Start 11, you can change your Windows 11 start menu to the start menus of Windows 10,8 or even 7. Not only this, but you can also explore more designs to customize the start menu and can change your Windows 11’s look.

More on, you can also make changes to the TaskBar that you aren’t able to do in Windows 11 itself. It allows you to move the TaskBar, change transparency, change color, and so on.

Download Start11


This app is exclusively designed for Windows 11 by Builtbybel. It has so many convenient features that help in customizing Windows 11. It has a GetStarted feature that will tell you about everything you can find on Windows 11.

This app includes an option that will let you remove bloatware from your Windows 11. There are so many unwanted apps on Windows 11 that are useless for many. You can easily clean them and keep your PC clean and free of bloatware.

Download ThisIsWin11

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Rainmeter is one of the best customization apps for Windows 11. It has a variety of skins that will nourish your Windows 11 and make it look attractive. If you are creative, then this app is perfect for you. From your creativity, you can design your skins and can give a new look to your Windows.

Amazingly, this app doesn’t use much storage or resources on your computer. It can run smoothly with less hardware used as well. Also, it is supported by Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. Rainmeter has nothing complicated. It has a simple interface and is easy to use.

You can install others’ skins on your PC or can create skins by using different tools and options this app provides.

Download Rainmeter

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There are innumerable customization apps for Windows 11, but RoundedTB is a bit different. This app focuses on TaskBar, and the recent updates in this app have made customization easier. It also works with Windows 10. 

This app can let you edit the apps’ icons on the TaskBar, split the TaskBar, add more spaces between icons, add rounded corners to the TaskBar, and so on. This app will help you to customize your TaskBar in an organized manner. RoundedTB is available for free on the Microsoft Store. Downloading and installing it is a handy process.

Additionally, it has a dynamic mode for Windows 11 under advanced options that automatically resizes the TaskBar to adjust icons like in macOS. You can explore more exciting features and customize your Windows 11 TaskBar within this app.

Download RoundedTB

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Lively Wallpaper

Your desktop background is a crucial part of your Windows’ look. There are a lot of default wallpapers or desktop backgrounds in Windows 11. But, if you are a fan of Lively Wallpapers, we suggest you use this app.

It has a beautiful collection of Lively Wallpapers that can give a new look to your Windows 11. Not just Lively Wallpapers, you can add animated backgrounds, videos, and GIFs to your desktop. This app is also free to install and is available on the Microsoft store.

Download Lively Wallpaper

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Customize Windows 11

However, many people like Windows 11, while many do not. There are so many things on Windows 11 that users do not like. Therefore, with these customization apps for Windows 11, you can change the look of your Windows 11 according to your choice. You can add wallpapers, customize the TaskBar, change widgets, customize the start menu, and so forth.

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