You may have seen some people, who are very productive and very successful and almost looks like super-human or magician.

No, they are not magicians, they are PowerUsers.

You may have dreamed to be like them, and you can.

Before we drive into details, the next obvious question is:

What is PowerUser

What is a PowerUser?

A PowerUser is a NORMAL HUMAN, who uses advanced features of a Computer, OS, Applications, Websites which are not used by the average users. You too can be a PowerUser.

There is no magic. PowerUser is not a magician. A normal user becomes a PowerUser overtime by patience, practice and taking some right but basic steps to increase their productivity.

– Kapil Sharma

The next important question is:

Can I be a PowerUser?

Yes, you can. You too can be a PowerUser. Let’s start our interesting journey to be a PowerUser.

Is it easy to be a PowerUser? Well, No. If it was easy, everyone in the world would have been a PowerUser. It will take a lot of time, dedication, patience, hard work, and most importantly, all of them in the right direction. Even though it is not easy, it is not impossible too. Yes, you too can be a PowerUser.

This page is your starting point in a wonderful journey to be a PowerUser. In case you have doubts if being a PowerUser is worth the invested time, we have a good reason:

Should I be a PowerUser? Why?

It is. Now it’s time to understand the benefits you may have by being a PowerUser. The generic definition of being a PowerUser is an advanced user of any particular software/Application/electronic device. I’ve a different question:

Why a Single Application?

The steps you follow to be a PowerUser in a single application make you go through the steps which will help you in multiple applications and even in the real life. Did you ask any of the following questions to yourself, anytime in your life?

  • I’m too slow, how could I do things faster?
  • How can I be more productive?
  • How I may improve on time management.
  • How can I improve on task management.
  • Why after working so hard and long, I still struggle to finish my tasks on time?

There could be a stream of endless such question. I know this, because I too asked many of such questions to myself. With experience, experiments, advice for well wishers and reading some great books, I no longer ask above questions to myself.

If being a PowerUser solve the problem of productivity and time/task management and make a better life doing thing you like, is it worth the invested time and energy?

If you think it is but wondering how and where to start, this is a good place to understand and get a kickstart.

Again, what is PowerUser?

We saw a basic definition of a PowerUser, that is generally accepted by the world.

My definition of PoweerUser is different and I want you too to believe it. Why become a PowerUser of one application/device, when you can become PowerUser of your life?

An example

I’m a Software Engineer and we say learning first programming language is difficult. Once you learn first language, learning second, thirds, forth, and more language is easy. This is because the syntax changes but basic principle and concept remains the same.

Similarly, once you become a PowerUser in one application, becoming PowerUser on multiple Applications, devices, operating system becomes easy as shortcuts might change but basics remain the same. We will discuss about those basics in details in the coming articles.

Next Step

Exited for the journey to become a PowerUser? Stay tuned, bookmark and follow this page. I’ll be adding more contents here and the link of the new contents will be displayed below soon.

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