How to create a backup of WhatsApp chats?

_backup of WhatsApp chats

Are you formatting your phone, or migrating your data to a new phone, then do not forget to create a backup of your WhatsApp chats on Google Drive and iCloud. Millions of users use WhatsApp, and it also has become the home of numerous small-scale businesses. Therefore, keeping a backup of chats, received files, and … Read more

New phones launching in January 2023

New phones in January 2023

Saying bye-bye to 2022 and Hello to 2023. The year 2022 was full of amazing phones, every brand has launched its flagship phones, number series, and other models. Whether it is the iPhone 14 or the OnePlus 10R, 2022 was full of varieties. With the new year, the excitement for new launching phones in January … Read more

5 best ways to avoid phishing scams

phishing scams

Phishing is an act of accessing people’s sensitive data for illegal use such as stealing money, information, or identity. Phishing scams are so common nowadays and many people are ending up being victims. These malicious actors are tangling innocent people into their illegal acts in many ways. If you think their false tricks can never … Read more

Best Customization Apps for Windows 11

Customization Apps for Windows 11

Almost a year back, Microsoft released Windows 11. The new Windows has many changes in TaskBar, widgets, notifications, and apps. Many people loved the new interface, while some found it not much satisfying. If you’re the second one who didn’t find Windows 11’s UI attractive or cool, then you should go through this article. There … Read more

Best ways to protect Email account

protect Email Account

Cybercrime is growing excessively. Hackers are now trapping innocent people through emails. They frame emails as they provide great opportunities, but ironically they are just entangling people in their illegal acts. Thus, keeping our emails secure is a must-do thing now. Let’s discuss some best ways to protect your email account. Also Read: Snooze in … Read more

Best smartphones under 20000


Need premium features, but do not have a budget to buy flagship phones? No worry, as the Indian smartphone market has taken a broader form. Almost every brand is introducing medium-range phones for people who can’t afford their flagship models. Whether it is OnePlus, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, or Realme, every smartphone brand is bringing amazing … Read more

How to perform an Instagram security checkup?

instagram security checkup

Meta-owned Instagram has become very popular in recent years. Today it has about 2 Billion users worldwide. It has become a perfect place for startups and for promoting businesses when the company diversified the platform. Since the number of users has increased, so many privacy and security issues have been raised too. Therefore, it is … Read more

New phones launching in December 2022

new phones December 2022

The year 2022 is going to end soon. This year we got to see so many phones with remarkable specifications. Whether it is OnePlus, POCO, Xiaomi, or Realme, every brand has brought excellent phones. In this article, we will learn about new phones launching in December 2022. So many phones are launching globally, and soon … Read more