Best Apps for Windows in 2023 

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The Microsoft Store isn’t as popular as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, but it does have some of the best apps for Windows to make your life easier. You can find anything from easy customization applications to programs. These apps can help you enhance your productivity, but finding them may be difficult. If you’re looking for some amazing programs for Windows, here are the greatest Windows apps for you.

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Spotify Music 

Years ago, if you wanted to listen to music on your PC, you had to import and organize your MP3 library. That’s no longer the case. Now that you can stream music, you don’t need to buy individual albums, either on CD or online. 

You can get Spotify from the Windows Store, so you don’t have to download the desktop version to listen to great music. The app incorporates all of the capabilities found on the Spotify app on any other platform. This makes it an essential app for music (and podcast) fans. Specifically, for those looking to discover new music, Spotify’s suggestions are excellent. 

It has a very clean user interface, is easy to use, and syncs all of your data across all platforms, so you can move easily from your desktop to your mobile device. 

Download Spotify Music from here 

Microsoft Sticky Notes 

This tool lets you make digital sticky notes that you can then put on your desktop screen as reminders. The latest version also has a few extra features, such as the ability to add photos to your notes, write notes by hand with the Surface Pen, and work in dark mode. Your notes may even be synced across applications and devices. 

Download Microsoft Sticky Notes from here. 

Image Editor: Paint.NET 

Everyone should have an image editing tool installed, whether they want to try their hand at simple picture changes, need to hide important information in screenshots, or want to fix old images. Photoshop is the gold standard for this, however, there are several free programs available. 

Paint.NET is a must-have Windows application for picture manipulation. It can do a lot more than Microsoft Paint, but it doesn’t have a lot of features you don’t need. With a few clicks, you can effortlessly blur out areas of an image, auto-level photographs to improve their appearance and add text and shapes to your photos. There are several plugins available to help you increase its capabilities. 

Download Paint.NET  

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Taking a screenshot on Windows is useful for everything from capturing funny moments to keeping a record of important information. Because the basic Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch applications only give a barebones feature set, you’ll need something more in your collection of important Windows programs. 

ShareX is the most powerful free screenshot tool available. ShareX has a huge number of free features, including many ways to take screenshots, a good built-in editor, the ability to do things automatically after taking a screenshot, and extra tools like a color grabber and ruler. 

Download: ShareX (Free)  


You probably use at least one messaging service to communicate with your pals throughout the day. With so many possibilities, we couldn’t possibly choose the best texting service since it all depends on what your pals use. So why not have them all in one place? 

Rambox is the greatest texting program for Windows, in our opinion. It lets you add accounts from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, GroupMe, Discord, and other major messaging services. You may also add additional online applications to it, such as Apple Music. 

The program simply creates a new tab for each service you use, allowing you to keep track of all groups in one window. It has several additional features that make it more helpful than launching these applications in your browser, and you can quickly shut or minimize one window (rather than a half-dozen) when you need to concentrate. 

Download Rambox  


A clipboard manager is an essential Windows software since it saves you time. Instead of being limited to keeping just one thing on your PC’s clipboard at a time, clipboard managers allow you to keep track of the past few hundred items you’ve copied. 

ClipClip is an excellent Windows clipboard manager. In addition to keeping track of what you copy, the program lets you bookmark often-used snippets. It’s easy to make folders with ready-made content like addresses, email responses, and so on. 

The software doesn’t overburden you with choices. But it does allow you to customize its hotkeys, stop clipboard monitoring when necessary, and choose what the app ignores. If you include it on your list of essential Windows apps, you’ll never have to worry about maintaining your computer’s clipboard again. 

Download ClipClip  


TED is a fantastic educational program that keeps you up-to-date with the newest TED Talk videos and audio. The app is easy to use, and all of the videos are put into carefully chosen categories. This makes it easy to watch all of the most recent and popular TED Talks. 

The app has over 1700 TED Talks on a range of themes. It is always being updated, so you will never run out of great instructional movies to watch. Install the TED app on your system, and I’m certain you’ll learn a lot from the platform. 

Download TED 

Dropbox Cloud Storage 

Are you seeking one of the top Windows cloud storage apps? OneDrive, which is included in Windows 10, is not required or used by everyone. If your company or school chooses Dropbox as their cloud storage provider, there’s an app for that. When working with papers, you may see them as a list or as a grid with this sleek piece of software. The free Basic plan gives you 2GB of free storage, and if you need more, it only costs a few bucks to get a lot more. 

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that also works in a modern workplace. It lets you stay in touch with your team and access all of your files in a safe place. The Dropbox app provides a range of different uses and is worth installing for anybody with a Windows device, whether you want to share huge files with your team or free up some space on your computer. 

Download Dropbox  

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