Essential Windows apps for a new PC

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After buying a new PC or laptop, the first task is installing applications and software. There are innumerable software and applications available for Windows, so choosing the best ones is tricky. Therefore, in this list of essential windows apps, you will learn about some apps and software you must have on your new PC. Go through the list and make sure you have not forgotten to install anyone of them.

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Browser: Google Chrome

Internet browser is a must-have thing on PCs. Google Chrome is a widely used internet browser that has its own special features that makes it reliable. It has introduced a lot of features that have made searching way easier than before.


Google lens, google translate, bookmarks, groups, and so on, have made things easy and time-saving for people. Additionally, the chrome extensions can be downloaded to add extra features that you find useful. However, every coin has two sides, Chrome also has some bad sides including tracking. You can minimize tracking your web history from the settings of the browser.

But, as an internet browser is an essential windows app, there are various other options available other than Google Chrome. Internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, are also good to go.

Antivirus: Norton

Windows 10 and 11 already have an antivirus that provides security. But, installing an additional one is not a bad decision. Norton is one of the best antiviruses that offers top-notch security and prevents PCs from malware and viruses. It offers a variety of services including digital security, identity protection, and online privacy.


However, if you want a free antivirus, you can consider a few other antiviruses that too offer good security. You can install the AVG antivirus which is free to download and use. Other best free antiviruses include Avast, Bitdefender, and Avira.

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Cloud Storage: Google Drive

Setting up cloud storage is important for keeping data safe and reducing the chances of data loss. Thus, a cloud storage app is definitely one of the essential windows apps. The most-preferred cloud storage app is Google Drive. It offers 15 gigabytes of free space to all its users, plus you can opt for the monthly subscription and can get 100 gigabytes of space or more.


Other cloud storage apps such as OneDrive and Dropbox can also be considered. OneDrive offers 5 gigabytes of space for free, whereas Dropbox offers 2 gigabytes of space for free.

Office Suite: Libre Office

An office suite is a useful application that allows users to create spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. LibreOffice is free and is a good alternative to Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is a bit different from Microsft Office, but once you start using it, you will be familiar with it.


You can also choose FreeOffice for your windows. It is also free to use and almost offers the same services likewise MS Office and Libre office.

Media Player: VLC

To play videos and audio on your PC, you must have a media player installed on your PC. The Windows Media player is a default player, but it often does not support some media formats. The VLC media player is a great option that can be easily installed for free from any internet browser. It is more convenient to use and surprisingly supports media of almost every format.


Other media players include PotPlayer which is quite similar to the VLC media player, and Classic Media player is also considerable.

Password Manager: Bitwarden

Having a password manager is important because it is difficult to remember so many passwords. Therefore, a password manager is one of the essential windows apps. However there are so many options, but we suggest you install Bitwarden password manager. It is secure and free to use for a single person. You can buy the premium plan that costs 40$/year to use additional features.


Dashlane is another password manager that is reliable and offers military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Click to learn about some best password managers.

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Some other essential apps for Windows

While installing apps or software on your new PC you have to be careful that you might not end up installing a harmful file on your new PC. Therefore, this list is helpful in such cases, where we have suggested some best and most genuine apps that are popular as well.

While, beside the above-mentioned applications, the following applications also can be useful for you.

  • A Clipboard manager: ClipClip
  • Messaging app: Rambox
  • Storage Management: TrreSize free
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