New WhatsApp features coming in 2023

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WhatsApp, owned by Meta, releases new features and tools to improve the user experience. In 2023, users of both business and personal WhatsApp accounts could get a few new features. 

WhatsApp has doubled the file-sharing limit to 2GB and introduced a new feature called Communities. Aside from that, new message responses are now accessible to all users.   

This article examines the WhatsApp features that are likely to be released in 2023. Our list also contains many under-development features that have been identified by the community.   

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When forwarding a picture or video, include a note or caption.  

When you forward a picture or video from one chat to another, you cannot add a message. This is a frustrating limitation of WhatsApp. Instead, go to the chat room where you forwarded it and compose a message there. An upgrade is currently being developed that will send both the message and the media together, although you will have the option to delete the caption if you so choose.  

Transferring conversation history across Android phones without using Google Drive  

For now, Android users who want to save their conversation history and move it to a new Android phone must use Google Drive. However, it will soon be able to do so “privately” without utilizing Drive (which lacks end-to-end encryption). It’s unclear how it will work, other than “certain device permissions are required to connect to your new smartphone” and scanning a QR code on the new phone with your old one.  

Status updates using voice  

In our experience, few people use the Status part of WhatsApp, but it is one of the main tabs. You may now use text, GIFs, photographs, and videos to change your “status,” which your contacts can view for 24 hours. However, some Android beta testers have discovered a new feature: the ability to record a brief voice message and post it as a status update. This option will be included in a future release.  

Message search by date  

Users may now look for messages by date using a date search option present inside the chat window. This is now accessible for iOS users in the application’s most recent version.  

View only one message  

With the “view once” message feature, users can send a message that will be deleted as soon as the recipient reads it. This makes it easier to keep secret information secret. This feature can only be used for text messages and not for audio, video, or picture messages.  

Video calls with a picture-in-picture effect (iOS)  

Because Apple devices don’t let people use other apps while on a video call, the new update will let people do more than one thing at once by letting video call windows to be minimized so that other apps can be used.  

WhatsApp call tab on the desktop  

Users will be able to keep track of their call history using the real-time call tab on the WhatsApp programs for Windows and Mac. The capability may be limited to desktop programs and not WhatsApp Web.  

Video mode is dedicated  

WhatsApp is developing a new dedicated video mode for its platform. In the current mode, users have to press and hold the shutter button in order to shoot a video with WhatsApp’s built-in camera interface. When the new version comes out, there will be a separate button in the camera interface that lets you record video.  

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Sending pictures without compression  

When people share photos over WhatsApp, the quality of the photos usually goes down, and details and resolution are lost. But a new feature that is being worked on is thought to include a button inside the screenshot editor page that would let users change the quality of the photos so that they don’t have to be compressed when they share them in chats and groups. 

WhatsApp business directory 

New whatsApp features
WhatsApp Directory

The WhatsApp business directory is currently being rolled out in a few countries. It will allow users to identify and interact with companies based on different categories and specializations. It will have categories such as restaurants, grocery shops, vehicle services, and so on. But to work, both existing and new WhatsApp Company accounts must send a request to be listed in directory. Only WhatsApp users will be able to find them. WhatsApp has also provided further information on the business directory on its official blog. Businesses will also be able to give a ‘add to cart’ capability directly inside WhatsApp.  

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