Timer Apps for Windows: Top 8 

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Everyone, whether they are students or businessperson, needs to keep track of their time. This post is about the top Windows timer apps that can help you be more successful, content, and joyful. It is crucial to have a productive life and day.

A decent timer application is important, whether you’re timing the ideal cup of tea or counting down to your next break. Here’s a look at the 8 most popular Windows timer apps. 

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Hourglass has gained popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface, which enables you to input your countdown requirements with customizable formatting. For long-term countdowns, it may even detect future date and time combinations, such as “5” as five minutes and “1d 3h 8m the 30s” as one day, three hours, and eight minutes and thirty seconds. You may create batch files for your most commonly used countdown values by using Hourglass Timer’s support for command-line parameters. No installation is necessary. 

Focus Booster  

Timer Apps for Windows
Best for focus

Focus Booster is a free timer solution that runs on Adobe Air (it’s also available for Mac OS X), and it has a slick UI and built-in break timing. It is one of the best Timer apps for windows. You may change the session time, break length, turn on or off the background ticking sound (excellent if you enjoy the incentive that sinister ticking brings), and turn on or off the main alarm sounds from the settings menu. Focus Booster uses a sleek meter-style countdown, so in addition to seeing the time pass, those of us who are more visually inclined may also watch the bar fill gradually as the seconds pass. Your time runs out when the bar is all green. Using Pomodoro principles, it recognizes that individuals often work in bursts rather than over extended periods. It creates a pattern.


CookTimer is a straightforward countdown timer that accepts specific user input in addition to predefined time blocks of 3/5/10/15 minutes. It is a totally free and open source application that will help, and you can run in windows without installation. If the option is selected, CookTimer will automatically reset, start the countdown again, and ring until something is done (useful if you’re the type of person who can hear a chime and get sidetracked before dealing with what the chime signifies). Linux users can also use CookTimer. 


SnapTimer looks similar to many of the other little one-function timers that are available at first sight. However, if you explore the options menu, you’ll find a plethora of settings that let you alter the alarm’s sound, message, and system tray notification, as well as run programs, change the display font, loop the alarm, set it to automatically restart, and more. No installation is necessary. 


Timer Apps for Windows
Cool Timer

CoolTimer is most notable perhaps for the shockingly pink default color scheme, which is a classic in the timer app world. Some readers have been using CoolTimer for as long as they can remember using timer apps on their computers. It sports an easily adjustable counter as well as support for multiple preset times. You can use the built-in sounds or load your audio files, and it functions as an alarm clock, a countdown timer, and a stock watch. Timers can also have accompanying notices to remind you why you set the time. 


This app’s ability to operate in the background is one of its best features. Its inclusion will make it stand out as the ideal timer app for many users. It is advantageous if you want the same program on your PC and phone because it also runs on Windows Mobile. The app, like many others on the list, works with Cortana and can be used to set alarms and other things. This is a really helpful program for everyone, but especially for those who require it to operate in the background. For more details about the MultiTimer app, please check its page here

Perfect Timekit 

Time every hour of your life

The beautiful simplicity of Perfect TimeKit makes it worth your consideration. Offering a World clock, regular timer, and many others, it is a fully featured app that works for all applications and is one of the most usable on the list. If you need more information about the Perfect Timekit app, check here

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Timer + Pro 


The program is a fairly basic timer that will meet the demands of the majority of users. Setting the timer is as simple as circling a dot. You have a variety of alerting choices, including noises, vibrations, and pulses. It is one of the list’s most straightforward apps, but it is also one of the most useful. For those who value a beautiful user interface and an easy-to-use system, it is worth looking at. If you find the Timer + Pro app worth your time, you may download it from here


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