Make Instagram reels in 8 easy steps

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Before learning to make Instagram reels, let us understand what it means. Reels let its users, content creators, and, influencers to create and discover short-form video content from across the world.

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How long can Instagram reels be? 

Reels can be of 15, 30, or 60 seconds long. This means that the maximum length of an Instagram reel can be of one minute. 

How to use Instagram reels 

Let’s start off with something easy. Instagram reels have many similarities to a regular Instagram post. 

 With reels you can: 

  1.  Like a video 
  1.  Leave a comment 
  1. Share Reels to Instagram Story 
  1. Share Reels with friends, family, other Instagram users, etc.  
  1. Save Reels to your camera roll 
  1.  Send Reels to other people 
  1.  Report a Reel 
  1.  Search for Instagram Reels by hashtag, topic, song, name, etc.  
  1. Download Reel  

How to make reels on Instagram 

Instagram offers two ways for users and producers to make Instagram Reels:  

  • To record a video or audio, simply press and hold the record button.  
  • From your camera roll, upload photos and/or video clips.  

Remember that Instagram Reels might be a single clip or a series of clips totaling up to 60 seconds in length. Keep an eye out for popular reels tunes, reel challenges, and any other trends you see. Trending sounds, hashtags, and other eye-catching effects are more likely to garner more views, saves, and engagement on Instagram Reels.  

Learn how to make Instagram reels. 

Before we get started, make sure you have the most recent version of Instagram installed. Features, AR effects, music, and effects can all be affected by updates, which might tweak, add, or altogether eliminate them.  

To learn to post reels on Instagram, follow the instructions below: 

  • Launch the Instagram app and tap the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen to create a new account. 
  • Tap “Reel” 
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the editing options on the screen before beginning to film your video.  

You may change basic camera settings, choose Reels video length, add music or narration, edit the speed, add effects, and set up the hands-free recording using the editing tools on the screen. 

Tip: Before you start recording, take note that you can choose which side of the screen your toolbar is on which can make recording Instagram Reels so much easier for both lefties and right-handed people. 

To change the location of your toolbar, tap the “Settings” icon in the top right of the screen to go to your camera setting to select which side of the screen you want your camera toolbar to be on.  

There’s also an option to default to the front-facing camera every time you go to record content. 

  • Step 4: Record your Reels! 

Tap and hold record reel to record a video clip, use the “Countdown and Timer” as discussed above, or upload any pre-recorded video clips or photos from your camera roll by tapping the square box in the bottom left of your screen.  

Once you start recording, a progress bar will appear at the top of your screen to show you how much time is left to add content.  

The align feature  

The Instagram align function helps you make seamless transitions by aligning each new video clip over the previous one. After you record your first video clip, the feature will show in your camera toolbar.   

A transparent vinyl picture from your previous video will display on your screen when you tap it, allowing you to align your new camera shot with the previous video clip.   

This function is useful since it allows you to match up elements from a prior clip before recording a new one, allowing for smooth transitions for things like costume changes. 

  • Step 5: Tap previous to watch, trim or delete the previous clip you recorded or uploaded. 

After editing your clips, tap Done in the bottom right. 

You can always come back and edit your clips before you post your reels. 

  • Step 6: Tap “Preview” to add voiceover, filters, trending music, original audio, special effects, stickers, or text to your Reel before publishing. 

All of the Reels features’ for your reels video can be found at the top of the screen as shown in the image below. Keep in mind with updates these can change 

The best way to add music to reels

Search for a song in the Instagram music library or select a saved song from your stored music to add music to Reels.  

Scroll through the featured tracks or use the search bar to choose a specific song by tapping the audio icon in the upper left corner of your screen (seen in the image above).  

Now you wish to search the music collection for a song. You have complete control over which parts of the song you wish to include in your reels. To hear a preview of the music, press the right-hand play button.  

To select the segment of the music you want to use, first select the song and then adjust the slider at the bottom until it sounds right. 

Add voiceover to Instagram reels 

Content creators, influencers, and businesses can use their original audio by simply recording a Reel with your voice.  

  • Step 7: Tap “Next”. You can now write a caption, edit your cover photo, tag people, rename your audio, add a location, or choose any advanced settings. 

It’s the same as composing an Instagram feed post when it comes to captions.  

Instagram, on the other hand, advised artists to utilise 3-5 hashtags in their Instagram Reels films. Check to see if the hashtags you’re using are appropriate for your Instagram Reels, audience, or specialty.  

Tap cover and choose a frame from your Reels video or an image from your camera roll to alter the cover photo.  

Remember that the cover photo is the thumbnail of your reels video and is the first thing someone sees when they view your reels tab on your profile. This makes it important to choose an image that will capture someone’s attention and make them want to watch your video. 

Many creators and influencers make the Reels cover photos on theme with their brand, be creative! 

  • Step 8: Tap “Share” to post your Reels video! 

If you’re not ready to post the Reels yet, you can select “Save as Draft” which comes immediately after the share button. 

When you tap it, it saves your Reels video as a draft and a notification will appear in the bottom left that says, “Draft Saved”.  

Done. Was not that simple? It takes just 8 steps and barely 5-10 mins to post a reel on Instagram.

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