Chinese Loan app fraud: 3 legal actions

Chinese Loan app fraud

Chinese online loan app fraud has become the talk of the town. In a country like India, where the majority of the population is comprised of middle-class people, quick and easy loans can prove to be a life-changing opportunity. Every day, naive Indians fall victim to meager loans. They receive these through Chinese-operated fraudulent lending … Read more

What is a Supercomputer? All you need to know


In this world of growing technology, a supercomputer plays a vital role. But, what actually a supercomputer is? Well, a supercomputer can do all the tasks in no time, which means they are way much faster than general computers. They provide a higher level of performance, as they are developed for special purposes. What is … Read more

8 easy ways to prevent Email overload

email overload

If you’re like most people, email overload is a problem. No matter what business or industry you work in, emails are pretty much the go-to method of communication for most people. And that’s not counting the other junk that comes in through email, like newsletters and spam. I wouldn’t say I like email overload a … Read more

Apple iOS 16 released: new features

Apple iOS 16

We have good news for Apple users. The much-awaited Apple iOS 16 update is here. It brings with it many exciting new features. Among these features are a redesigned lock screen with widgets, an iMessage unsend and edit feature, new keyboard haptics, a new home app, and numerous other things. With all-new personalization features, deeper … Read more

How to clear cache in browser in 2022?


It is essentially important for you to know how to clear your cache and cookies if you own a PC. Does your PC take ages to load web pages? Do you know that the problem can be your browsing history? Browsers track information about your preferences, searches, and browsing history while you use the internet. … Read more

What are SMART Goals?


Goals are small steps to reach the final objective. Setting goals is necessary if you really want to be successful. People often set goals that are not achievable and end up with zero progress. You might have heard about smart goals. In this article, we will discuss Smart Goals, and how to set them. What … Read more

New Phones launching in September 2022

New Phones launching in September 2022

In the past few months, many flagship phones are released including the OnePlus 10T (Read review and specs). Eight months have passed and every month of 2022 has brought amazing phones. Whether it’s about phones under budget or high-end phones, no brand stay behind since the beginning of this year. The iPhone 14 is the … Read more

OnePlus 10T 5G- specification and review

OnePlus 10T 5G specification and review

This month another OnePlus phone that has been released is–the OnePlus 10T 5G. This phone isn’t a flagship phone but yet in rumours for days. The sale of this phone is starting on August 16, 2022. It has two colour options available and has three variants in terms of RAM and internal storage. The base … Read more

Microsoft OneNote tutorial

onenote tutorial

Microsoft’s OneNote is a popular note-taking app. As we generally use MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint, we don’t know much about the other Microsoft apps. Microsoft OneNote is another quite useful app, which can help you in being productive. This article “Microsoft OneNote tutorial” will cover all the things you need to know … Read more