Create a Mail Merge using Gmail

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As we know, sending emails has now become a popular way of advertising our business. Also, email is the easiest way to share information about a particular event, meeting, programme or group. Sending mail to many people isn’t easy and it is also very time-consuming. But, now we can send personalized emails to many people at once by using Gmail’s mail merge. Suppose, if you have a birthday party, you can send invitations to many people together. Here we will learn how we can send personalized emails with mail merge in Gmail.

What is Mail Merge?

Mail Merge is a feature that allows us to send personalized emails to multiple recipients together. Mail merge has 500,000+ users. You can also insert attachments like pictures, documents, and other files. For doing so, you just need to create an email template and specify a list of all the recipients in a data file. It fetches your details from a data file, to insert them into your email template.

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Features of Mail Merge

  • Sending emails to many people in a little time is possible.
  • You can send emails to more than 100 Gmail accounts.
  • By using mail merge, we don’t need to type emails separately.
  • No need of proofreading every email.
  • It allows us to create multiple documents.
  • Saves time and effort.

In this process, we will use Gmail for reading and sending emails. As well as we will use Google Sheets to read and write data.

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Step 1- Prepare a spreadsheet

Prepare a spreadsheet that will contain all the necessary details like the first name, last name, residential address, Email address, etc.


Step 2- Write an email template

Now, switch to Gmail and write a sample email. This email will work as a template for you. Here you can also personalise the subject. Now, write your email by using the corresponding names of columns that we have in our spreadsheet by using symbols in suffixes and prefixes. For eg; {{FIRSTNAME}}. It will indicate the text you want to be replaced from your spreadsheet.

Now, fill the body of the mail. You can also change the formatting of fonts and attach files. But, the total size of the mail should not exceed 25 MB.

example of Email template for using mail merge

Step 3- Start Mail Merge

Once your Gmail draft is ready, just save it and switch to google spreadsheets. Now, go to the mail merge menu and click ‘start mail merge’.

The first time you run this spreadsheet, you will see a warning box. You need to allow google docs to send emails on your behalf. After that, go back to the sheet and click mail merge again. Then you will see all the drafts that are available in your Gmail merge box. Select the mail you made for mail merge.

You also need to fill in the sender’s full name, which will be visible in the outgoing email messages in the ‘from’ field of the outgoing messages. Now, just select, the start mail merge option.

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It’s Done!

So the mail merge is now complete and you can check it on Gmail. You will see that every variable will be replaced by the actual value. It would be difficult for anyone to say whether these mails are sent using mail merge or written manually.

Additional columns can also be added to the spreadsheet. Using {{ }} annotation and including the names of columns in your Gmail draft. It will let you add more data from your spreadsheet. If you want to change something before sending it, so you can also update it. For this, you need to open Tools and then script Editor.

Benefits of using Mail merge in Gmail

  • It is affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • It is customisable.
  • Using mail merge in Gmail is safe and secure.

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