Snooze in Gmail and Outlook: Powerful email reminder

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You probably snooze the non-urgent emails and leave them for later. But, here are some interesting ways to use a simple snooze differently. Snoozing an email is no more restricted to holding it back somewhere to check it later. It could be used in a better way. Snooze in Gmail and Outlook can be a powerful reminder. We can set a date and time to get a reminder of the email on a specific day and time.

Snooze Basic

It is too simple to snooze email in Gmail or Outlook if you are using their web version. You can find the option in multiple places.

Whenever you hover over any email, you’ll see 4 icons on the right, select the fourth one (analogue clock) and set your desired date and time.

Also, if you open any particular email, on the top, there are some options such as archive, report spam, delete, and a few more. From there you can again select snooze (Analog icon) and can snooze that particular email.

The other way to snooze an email is, to right-click on the email you want to snooze, from the drop-down menu, select Snooze.

You can pick a date and time as per your requirement.

Tip: Snooze email by using a keyboard shortcut

Snoozing emails by using a mobile has not been as many ways, as the web version has.
You can snooze email on the phone by clicking on the three dots icon “…”, located at the top-right corner of every email. Or you can also turn on the settings to snooze email by swiping. For doing so, go to settings> Swipe actions/options and you are done.

Some other mail providers don’t offer this feature. Such as Apple Mail, Yahoo, and AOL, there you need a third-party app to snooze emails.

How to use snooze in Gmail and Outlook?

It is good if you do not use snooze for procrastination purposes. Try to check emails at a time and decide whether to keep them or not. Collecting them will result in a huge clutter.

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We many times leave things incomplete and think of doing it afterwards. And unfortunately, forget about them which results in doing it at the last moment. It happens in the case of sending an email as well. But, with a snooze in Gmail and Outlook, you can come up with this. Like, you can snooze your own email and set a timer for when you’ll be able to complete it. In this way, you’ll get a reminder and you will not forget and will complete it on time. By snoozing them you can control the timing of doing further actions.

In this era, everyone’s inboxes have loads of meeting or conference links, Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft’s teams, and a lot more. How to remember, that after 16 days there’s a seminar which you need to attend? You can probably do it within Gmail. You can snooze that email, set a date and time, and you’ll get a reminder at the correct time. The same goes with events, you can snooze emails related to events and can get reminders on time.

Does it happen, that you scheduled a message and forget to review it once before sending it? We all review our official messages or emails before sending them. It happens that we scheduled an official email and think of reviewing it later. But, we forgot. So, here also the snooze feature is helpful. You can set a reminder before the scheduled time and can review it before it sends.


Snooze in Gmail and Outlook almost work the same. There is a preset time available or you can set your own date and time.

If you want to change the preset time on mobile, you can customise this by going to Settings > (Your email address) > Snooze settings. Moreover, you can set default reminders on Google keep, which will work as a snooze in Gmail as well.

We advise you to mark as unread the most important emails that you are snoozing. They’ll be highlighted and you can check them first. You can do this in Gmail, while in Outlook it happens by default.

Snoozing email can be a powerful reminder if you use it in a better way. However, to get a reminder the first step is to snooze, but as you start doing it, soon this will become your habit.

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