Making Windows Search faster in 2023 

Making Windows Search faster

Faster Windows Search makes it simple to discover files and programs, which would be difficult to accomplish manually. However, Windows Search might sometimes take a long time to locate anything. This is one of the most often reported problems by users. If you’re having the same problem, don’t worry; there are many solutions. This post … Read more

Using Internet on Airplane Mode: 2 Ways

Using Internet on Airplane Mode: 2 Ways

Airplane mode disables all of your device’s wireless communication methods, like the internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections. The airplane mode is made so that signals from phones, laptops, and other mobile devices don’t mess up the plane’s systems.  Even if you never fly, airplane mode offers a quick way to disable many of your … Read more

Take a screenshot on Windows: 3 ways

screenshot on Windows

On a Windows PC, it’s usual to wish to snap a screenshot. You may take a snapshot of your whole display—or just a portion of it—by taking a screenshot. Windows has a number of built-in features for taking screenshots.  Taking a snapshot in Windows using the Print Screen key  The fundamental method for taking a … Read more

Microsoft Excel Overview

MS Excel

What is Microsoft Excel? Almost every company stores and retrieve its data in Excel. Hence, from job prospects, learning Excel is a good decision. In this Microsoft Excel Overview, you’ll get to know about the tabs, groups, and options in detail. You may already know that Microsoft Excel is an important part of Microsoft Office. … Read more

Check SBI balance in 8 simple ways

check SBI balance

There are a number of ways to check your SBI balance. The State Bank of India allows users to check their account balance online using an app, website, missed call, SMS, or ATM. This way, a customer doesn’t have to walk up to the bank, stand in queues, or fill out forms and other details … Read more