Use Google Photos instead of gallery in 2021

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Google Photos is a simple and free way to manage and synchronize all your photos so you can access them from anywhere and on any device. As a result, Google Photos is one of the most popular photo storing services available.

In this era of mobile phones, everyone is obsessed with capturing pictures of all our moments. We are taking more photos than ever before. It is a well-known fact that most users carrying a phone with a decent camera or even without a camera have thousands of images scattered throughout their phone, laptop, or tablet.  

Google Photos uses image recognition and analysis technology that helps in sorting or grouping images together and makes it easy to search and share them. It provides free storage on a ‘cloud’ for storing photos and videos. Not just this, it also offers paid services for people who want massive storage with high-quality images and videos. 

Why use Google Photos? 

First and foremost, it is super easy and takes no more than a few seconds. Whenever your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the photos are backed up automatically.  

The photos or videos can be accessed easily from any device be it a tablet, phone, or computer which has internet access. Even, these images and videos can be shared effortlessly.  

There won’t be any message like ‘low storage on your, once you download Google Photos on your smartphone.  

Finding a particular photo is simple. There is no necessity to remember the date of the photo. It is easy to find a picture by someone’s name, place, location, or text in a picture. One can easily create animations, movies, albums, and collages to share, embed or save.  

To understand how to make complete use of the app, we are here with this complete guide on Google Photos App.

Installing the Google Photos

That is obvious, isn’t it? To use this app, you will have to install it first. You can easily download it on your smartphone for free on Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store.  

Moreover, there is an internet-based version of Google Photos for uploading videos and photos from Computers, laptops, or MacBooks. Do not worry, this will not swamp your phone with so many pictures. It simply provides previews of all pictures on Google cloud.  

Let us move on to the next step. After installing, open the app and sign up with your Google account. It is better if you are connected to Wi-Fi as you don’t want to waste your mobile data. Simply, follow the instructions given then there and you are good to go.  

Select uploading quality in Google Photos 

Google Photos is generally free on the condition that you let the app compress it and store it. Google Photos will compress it in case the pictures are larger than 16MB. When it comes to videos, the limit is at 1080p.  

When you need more space for your unaltered originals, you can upgrade, from 100GB for $1.99 per month, to 2TB for $9.99 per month. 

Navigate through your phone

Google Photos display photos in a very proper and organized way. It sorts videos and photos by date, with the most recent at the top. When using a smartphone, you can zoom in and view the images by day, month, or year and individual photos by spreading your fingers across the screen.  

There is an album icon at the bottom of the mobile app or on the left side of the web interface. Clicking on it will open up a new view. It is sorted into multiple categories namely people, places, things, videos, collages, animations, and movies.  

The photos are sorted into groups using face-recognition technology in the category of people. Further, in the location category. The photos are sorted based on the location where the photo was taken if the device used had GPS enabled.  

Accessing sorted pictures

If you want to access the pictures of one specific person, click the people category. This will open portrait photos of various people and you can even add names to these groups. Pretty cool, right?  

When you click on a specific portrait, you will see all the photos that Google thinks are of a specific person. In case you encounter a photo that doesn’t belong to that person you can simply remove it. It even keeps asking for suggestions time-to-time whether a photo belongs to the same person to keep itself as accurate as it can. 

There is one more interesting feature I won’t miss. You can find similar pictures on google of a photo that you have on your Google Photos using ‘Google Lens’. Click on a dotted icon below it. This will activate it and it will show photos related to it by analyzing that specific picture.  

Editing made simple!

Google Photos offers a good selection of editing tools to enhance your pictures. You can crop, rotate or tilt your photos as per your needs. It provides various beauty filters for quick touch-ups 

You can increase or decrease brightness, contrast, and even doodle on the pictures. It provides all those features that a basic editing tool does.  

Enough talking about photos. We can also edit videos using the app. The options of trimming and rotating the video are available. Combining videos to create a movie is an interesting feature of this app.  

Some interesting features apart from these are spotlight collection and memories. In the spotlight category, the app selects a specific person and displays all his/her best photos. Photos are grouped together year-wise in the latter one.

Find and restore the deleted images and videos in the bin.

Google Photos: Your best companion

Uploading, saving, and synchronizing videos and photos are very efficient with Google Photos. Its automatic tools like lens make it simple and fun to search your images and find relevant content on the internet.  

If you are into photography even a little bit, the free version’s image compression feature is wonderful. The paid version of full-resolution photo storage is comparable to that of other cloud providers like Dropbox.  

You can use the free version of Google Photos as your secondary storage option even if you are using some other tool for primary usage.  


I hope this article was helpful to you guys. If it was then do let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you want to read similar articles then here are a few recommendations for you.

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