How to Schedule an Email in Outlook?

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Scheduling emails is an important feature of MS Outlook. Sometimes, we don’t want to reply immediately. Because we don’t want to give them an idea, that we are reachable at all hours. Or if we want to notify someone on a particular date, we schedule an Email. There are many such conditions in which scheduling email is the best option. So, in this article, we’ll learn that how we can schedule an email in Outlook.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Before getting started, let’s learn a little about MS Outlook.
Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software system. It is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It works as an email client, manages your tasks, stores your to-do list, manages contacts and many more.

Connect to Gmail

For being able to send Emails, you need to add your Gmail Account in MS Outlook. For this,
1. Open Outlook
2. Click the file menu
3. Click, add account.
4. Then, select new.
5. Fill in your Email ID and click connect.
6. Type your password and click connect.
7. Outlook will add you to Gmail.
8. Click done, and your Gmail account will be added successfully.

Schedule an email in Outlook

Follow the steps below for scheduling an email in MS Outlook.

1. Open Outlook and click ‘New Email’ to send a message.

schedule an email in Outlook-Home tab

2. Click the options tab.

type you message in MS Outlook

3. Click on Delay Delivery.
4. A dialogue box will appear. Go to the ‘Do not deliver section’ and select the date and time for your message.

set date and time-schedule an email in Outlook

5. Click Close.
6. Then, Press send.

In this way, your message will automatically be sent on your selected date and time.

Send scheduled message immediately

But, if you want to send it before your scheduled date and time so you can also do this.
1. Open the Outbox folder.
2. Click to open your message.
3. Click the options tab.
4. Click the Delay Delivery.
5. Uncheck the box and, click Close.
6. Send the message.


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