Best ways to protect Email account

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Cybercrime is growing excessively. Hackers are now trapping innocent people through emails. They frame emails as they provide great opportunities, but ironically they are just entangling people in their illegal acts. Thus, keeping our emails secure is a must-do thing now. Let’s discuss some best ways to protect your email account.

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Create a strong password

The very foremost layer of security is the password. If your password is simple or easily approachable, you must change your password. 

protect Email account

People often use the same password for every account. It is easy to access, but it is dangerous too. What if someone got your email address and password? That person can misuse your email and password and can access your other accounts as well.

However, keeping multiple passwords and remembering them is a bit tricky. But instead of that, you can save your passwords in a secure place, such as a secret diary, private safe in your phone, password manager, etc. 

Keeping passwords in a password manager is not accessible when you do not have internet access. Therefore, keeping a backup with yourself would be helpful. 

Two-factor authentication

The best way to add an extra security layer to any account is to add a Two-factor authentication. After setting up a 2-Factor Authentication you can protect your email account by getting a login code each time you log in to your account.

You can also choose to get OTP at a different device at the time of login. This diminishes someone else’s possibility of getting into your email account.

However, there are various authentication apps available but, make sure you use the most trusted one. You can use Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, or Duo Mobile.

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Block suspicious addresses

Have you ever got multiple emails from the same address and found them suspicious?

protect Email account

Hackers or scammers try to manipulate users by sending emails frequently. Also, they try to attract people with false claims and promises of providing money or jobs. It is good to block those addresses that you find dangerous or suspicious.

The process of blocking someone completely depends on which email provider you are using.

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Use an Antivirus

Cybercriminals send links, attachments, and so many other things via email, and if you click them or log in through their link, they access your data. This is possible because, through these links or attachments, they load malware into your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. Therefore, you should have a reputed antivirus installed on your device to avoid such scams.

Antivirus checks your device’s condition regularly and provides security to your data. They are also able to detect malware, harmful files, viruses, etc on your device. Thus, antivirus is important for the sake of the security of our devices.

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Use a burner email

Sometimes it happens that we want to sign up for a website, but we aren’t sure, whether the website is genuine or not. Also, if you are worried about getting frequent emails from a website that is not useful for the longer term. In such cases, using our personal or official email at such websites or apps could harm you, or is not the right option.

protect Email account

Instead of using your personal email, you can use a temporary email that has no important data stored. Such email accounts are also called throwaways or disposable email addresses, which you can use for less important sign-ups.

Using a burner email for short-term or long-term depends on the purpose of use. However, keeping a burner email permanently is definitely a good choice, as you would be able to sign in to the website if you feel unsafe, without investing more time.

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