Best ways to protect Email account

protect Email Account

Cybercrime is growing excessively. Hackers are now trapping innocent people through emails. They frame emails as they provide great opportunities, but ironically they are just entangling people in their illegal acts. Thus, keeping our emails secure is a must-do thing now. Let’s discuss some best ways to protect your email account. Also Read: Snooze in … Read more

How to perform an Instagram security checkup?

instagram security checkup

Meta-owned Instagram has become very popular in recent years. Today it has about 2 Billion users worldwide. It has become a perfect place for startups and for promoting businesses when the company diversified the platform. Since the number of users has increased, so many privacy and security issues have been raised too. Therefore, it is … Read more

How to protect iCloud account?


There are some new reports that warn Apple users of iMessage for privacy risks. The latest claims about iPhone’s security and privacy indicate, whatever you do on your iPhone doesn’t stay there only. Also, cyberattacks have become so common, and Apple users have everything stored on iCloud. Hence, in order to protect personal data, it … Read more

Top 3 free VPN in 2022

free VPN in 2022

A virtual private network (VPN), whether free or paid, provides an extra layer of privacy to its users, enables you to access foreign websites, and can even provide secure connections for transferring sensitive business information. Keeping this in mind, we have analyzed the key features you should consider in order to choose the best business … Read more

Best Free Password Managers in 2022


Setting passwords isn’t easy. You need to place a lot of things in mind to set a secure and unthinkable password. And remembering such complex passwords isn’t a simple task. Therefore, setting up a password manager is the best way of safekeeping our all-important passwords in a secure place. They are only accessible when the … Read more

Best Password Manager in 2022


If you’re looking for the best Password Manager in 2022 for your device, then you’re at the right place. Now there are tons of options when it comes to password managers which can be completely overwhelming and hard to know where to start. So in this article, we’ll run you through our top picks covering … Read more

How to avoid online fraud?

how to avoid online fraud?

In India, million of real-time transactions take place per day. These online transactions have made our life easier and a lot more convenient. But along comes the risk of fraud and unsafe transactions. Especially in the post-Covid era, rising cases of cyber fraud have become frequent. People have become hesitant towards online transactions. However, there … Read more

Cybersecurity facing challenges in 2022

cybersecurity facing challenges in 2022

With a rising number of cyber crimes, cybersecurity will continue to be a major concern for organizations in 2022. As 2021 winds up, it’s time to look forward to the future of cybersecurity in the upcoming year. Which companies were attacked in 2021 and what challenges will the cybersecurity industry face in 2022? We’ll discuss … Read more