Increase Productivity: Use more keyboard and less mouse

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People always try to somehow figure out techniques to increase productivity. However, working on efficiency and increasing productivity can have different ways for different people. But, developers or people who interact with PC or laptops on daily basis. For such people, even a few minutes in a day bring out to be a big relief sometimes. And if they are working on themselves to be more productive, then Blind typing and using a keyboard more and less mouse will work out.

Similar to Blind Typing, focusing on using the keyboard more and less mouse, will take time. It isn’t a one day task, it needs practice.

But before “how to do it?”, let’s see some benefits of Blind typing and see how it helps to increase productivity.

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Benefits of Blind Typing

These benefits of bling typing can help you increase productivity

  • Convenient– It’s is difficult to type with only two fingers. Moving these two fingers from one side to the other side of the keyboard is frustrating sometimes. But, have you ever wondered how much easy it would become if you can type with all 10 fingers? Like, you can easily press any key just above and below without rushing and finding the next key.
  • Time-saving– Increasing productivity means, doing work effectively and efficiently. Blind typing can save more time. For instance, on one side (say Group A) there are 2 people doing a job. And on the other side (say Group B), 10 people are doing the same job. Can you figure out which group can complete the job in less time? Similarly, if you are typing with all the 10 fingers, so this will take less time as compared to using 2 fingers.
  • Health– When you use all your ten fingers for typing, it can reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Also, you don’t need to look keyboard again and again, which simultaneously reduce neck and shoulder pain.
  • Accuracy– You can directly check what you are typing on the screen. This will reduce the chances of errors in typing. And if in case there’s an error, you can correct it at the same time, which probably need not be checked again in detail. In this way, your typing accuracy would be improved and you can type without errors in less time.
  • Speed– This is the obvious benefit we get after learning blind typing. The example above also shows that working with 10 fingers will probably increase the speed.

Once you’ll learn blind typing, and get used to typing with 10 fingers, then you’ll figure out more reasons to opt for blind typing.

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Limit the use of mouse

Now, coming to the main point, why use the keyboard more and less mouse?

Foremost, this thing will also take time. Like, how can we just change years of habit in a few days? It isn’t possible for the majority of people. But, practice can make a difference. Let’s figure out some reasons to limit the use of the mouse and how with this you can increase productivity.

Limit the use of mouse


For some people, this might not work. Like UI designers and others, for them using a mouse is compulsory. But, here we are talking about developers and those who have more keyboard work.

Every time you touch a mouse, you do the following things:

  • Take your hand to the mouse/trackpad (assuming you need not look at the mouse for that)
  • Take the pointer to the required position
  • (right) Click/drag (maybe multiple times)
  • Get your hand back to the keyboard.

And in these small operations, you spent around 1-5 seconds. While using keyboard shortcuts probably takes no time as compared to using a mouse. But, for using keyboard shortcuts, you must know blind typing and your fingers are on the home row.

Know about a little bump on keys ‘F’, ‘J’, ‘Down arrow’ and ‘5’ of Numpad?

There could be many such operations. Let’s assume, while coding, developers use a mouse at least once in a minute. Let’s take an average of 2 seconds for every minute, which is equal to 12 minutes in a day. And which is equal to 6 hours in a month.

But, by only limiting the use of the mouse you can save around 15-20 minutes daily. This might not be valid for everyone, but for many, it can be beneficial, and a productivity booster. We suggest you be consistent for at least 3 months to get desired results.

How to limit the use of the mouse?

It is not a one day task. Learning and adopting new things takes time. We can’t change years of habits so easily. Similarly, blind typing and using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse also needs practice and patience.

Nearly all operating systems have keyboard shortcuts. You can start with the basic shortcuts. The first task is just to master these keyboard shortcuts.

Common keyboard shortcuts

More keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

Remember, Power users don’t have magic, they just know a few extra tricks. Subscribe and learn more ways to become a power user.

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