Don’t upgrade to Windows 11 just yet

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Windows 11 is very much similar to Windows 10. Microsoft declared Windows 10 as the last operating system. But, after 6 years another Windows operating system arrived which is Windows 11. It is identical to Windows 10 but with some add ons. However, the initial response of windows 11 was positive. But, the operating system isn’t perfect yet. Here we enlisted some reasons, why you should not upgrade to Windows 11.

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Before upgrading to Windows 11, you must be aware of these limitations.

Default apps

In the previous versions, changing a default program was easy. It only requires selecting the category and choosing from the installed programs. But, in Windows 11 it is now a completely different process that is difficult as well.

Default -apps-another-reason-why-you-should-not-upgrade-to-windows-11
Apps>Default Apps

In Windows 11, you need to select a program for each file type. You need to go through the list of all programs and need to select the default program for each file type manually. If you want to change your default web browser, select your installed web browser from the list. And after that, you need to change each file type manually that you want to open with another web browser.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 11, and it is quite good. But, even after changing the default browser from edge to a different one, the link in widgets will be open in Edge only. And this might seem annoying to some people.

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The central taskbar is an innovative design and many people liked it. But, in Windows 11 there’s a lack of customisation options for the taskbar. Like, in the previous versions, we can easily resize the taskbar, can make it taller or shorter, or move it upwards on the screen. But, here it isn’t.

Do you check the weather widget at a glance from the taskbar in Windows 10? In Windows 11, you need to open the widgets panel to see weather updates. And it is again a little annoying.

To open up a list of options, we right-click on any program on the taskbar and take the required action. But, After the upgrade, you’ll only be able to see one option for taskbar settings, which isn’t a good part. As in Windows’s previous versions, there is a lot of such options that made it flexible and simple to use. But unfortunately, it isn’t the same in Windows 11.

Also, if you have a multiple monitor setup, then the date and date will only be visible on the primary one. Therefore, the taskbar limitations are one of the main reasons to not upgrade to Windows 11.

Start Menu

In Windows 10, the start menu has become an innovative design that may help to increase productivity as well. You probably get all the programs, folders or files in the list, arranged in alphabetical order, where you could enjoy the live tiles to get information.

Another reason why you should not upgrade to Windows 11

The start menu is redesigned in Windows 11. And getting information at a glance from live tiles is no more. Grouping programs for ease is also not available, you can only pin your favourite programs on the start menu. The list of all programs in Windows 11, requires an extra click. You can no longer scroll the list to select the desired program. All you can do is to click on ‘All apps’ and it will open up the list of all the installed programs on your PC.

System Tray

You might find the system tray very useful and convenient. As it comprises the action centre, notifications and quick settings. And that’s actually easy to use.

But, in Windows 11, the system tray is no more useful and it needs to be better. Microsoft has placed a calendar there, and you can see the notifications above. Also, you can find internet and sound icon grouped together on the left. In Windows 11, you can enable or disable some quick settings from the right corner at the bottom.

System Tray

The volume mixer option has gone, now in this version of Windows, you can only adjust system sound and manage audio devices.

Context Menu

In Windows’ previous versions, whenever we right-click on any folder, file or program, it will open up a list of options. That list is a context menu, and the options available are helpful in taking action at the moment.

But, in Windows 11, Microsoft has listed options that he think are important. In this version, you’ll not be able to see the same context menu as before. To open up all the options, you need an extra click. By clicking on ‘Show more options’ all the other accessible options will be visible. Although this change doesn’t make any sense but just provides a simplified list.

File Explorer

Microsoft has replaced the ribbon at the top of the file explorer window. And now the option that used to be on the ribbon are no more visible in Windows 11. The options are listed in a number of sub-menus. Just hover over your mouse or click on a particular menu to open up the other options.

File Explorer


Windows 11 has various bugs and performance issues from its launch. It includes a nightmare bug that was also present in Windows 10. These bugs affect the overall performance of the system. Especially AMD device users may face audio glitches and stuttering problems. Not only the features of the operating system is imperfect, but also it has a major issue of memory leak as well. Therefore, it is better to fix the existing bugs or issues before upgrading.

System Requirement

The system requirements for Windows 11 is too high, thus not every PC is compatible with it. Microsoft has made it mandatory to have a TPM 2.0 chipset and supported AMD or Intel CPU. It means no older CPUs can run Windows 11. Even some newly released ones aren’t compatible.

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So for using Windows 11, you might need to buy a new PC. And if you have recently purchased a new one, then you’ll get it pre-installed on your PC. It has been speculated that the reason for releasing Windows 11, is to increase the sale.


We hope that Microsoft will listen to the feedback of users and will soon fix these issues. If you like the functionalities of Windows 10 more, then we suggest you not upgrade to Windows 11 hurriedly. And these issues might change soon and hope Microsoft will make it better and more compatible. Despite that Windows 11 have some better upgrades and features too. Do you know about the snap layout feature in Windows 11?

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As soon as there’ll be any positive change in Windows 11, we’ll write about it too. So, for getting more updates stay tuned with us.

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