Best Free Typing Tutors for Mac

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Blind typing or touch-typing has now become far more useful in one’s career. You type 25 words per minute, but if you can type 50 words per minute, you can easily see the difference. It has made things easier and time-saving as well. There are many typing tutors available for Mac and Windows. Well, for you, we assembled the 5 best free typing tutors for Mac. These will help in increasing your typing accuracy and you can type efficiently.

The need for good typing accuracy has increased. Every company wants an efficient employee, and if you are a good typist, then this could be a plus point. Learning blind typing requires practice and it isn’t easy to manage and learn it on your own. Therefore, these typing tutors can help a lot. And if you want to learn without paying, then there are few apps or software that are free to use.

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5 Free typing tutors for Mac

  1. Master of Typing
  2. Typist
  3. Type to Learn
  4. TypingClub
  5. Typing Fingers LT

Let’s know each one of them in detail.

Master of Typing

Master of Typing is the first among the list of free typing tutors for Mac. It is quite good. Here you can avail of the free lessons and practice them. Initially, you’ll get the basic letters typing and the difficulty level will increase with time. You will learn to type complex and mixed letters in less time.

With this typing tutor, you can learn blind typing more nicely, as it will guide you through everything which is needed. You can check your stats every day, also from the day you started up to today. It gives detailed statistics, through which you can check progress clearly.

And if you want, then you can also opt for the premium version, where you can get a few more benefits. Practicing each lesson, again and again, will definitely increase your typing accuracy. Therefore, its free version is also perfect to learn touch typing.

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If you are a beginner and want to be an advanced typist, then this might suit you more. As the name says, Typist, this typing tutor has many lessons that can make your way from a beginner to an advanced typist.

The best part is that it is completely free. You no need to pay even a penny and can learn typing like a pro.

It has lessons for each accuracy level. You can learn letter locations more easily. Also, you can check your typing review. As you complete your lesson, the Typist will show the stats at the bottom. It includes, how many words you typed, your typing speed, error ratio and total time taken.

More on, there are some lessons available for the calculator and Dvorak keyboard.

Type to Learn

If you don’t need any extraordinary typing tutor, then this one perfectly fits you. The interface is so simple, where experienced typists can test themselves.

It isn’t for beginners, as it will not guide where to place each finger on the keyboard. But, for those who are already a typist, it is quite useful. As they can quickly check their typing speed, and work on increasing the overall typing accuracy.

Here, you can practice random text so as your own text. You just need to copy and paste your text to practice that. In this, you’ll get to know words per minute you typed. Also, if you type correctly, the text will be blue, and if not, then the text would be red.

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KeyBlaze Typing tutor

The fourth, among the best free typing tutors, is the KeyBlaze Typing tutor. It is simple to use, and have all the necessities you require to learn touch typing.

This typing tutor will tell you, where to place each finger at the keyboard. It is the ultimate tool, through which you can learn touch typing and 10-finger typing. This is suitable for every typing level, and intermediates as well.

This typing tutor focuses on the main thing, which is increasing efficiency. Thus, it is very simple and in the end, you’ll see an improvement for sure. The typing lessons are available in different modes, which makes it interesting. Such as games, practice sessions and tests.

This typing tutor has a free and paid a paid version as well.

Typing Finger LT

Typing Finger LT has an attractive and interactive interface. And that is why it is good for kids as well. It has background music that will not let you get bored. Typing Fingers LT is one of the best typing tutors. It has some free lessons and you’ll get more advantages in its paid version.

After the completion, this typing tutor provides a certificate of completion.

The interactive games and sessions make it more interesting and fun. So along with fun, you can learn typing and increase your typing speed or accuracy.

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