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In this article, we will tell you about the 5 best free typing tutors for Linux. These typing tutors will help you to learn blind typing on Linux. But, before moving forward, let’s learn, why blind typing has now become an essential part of computer technology.

As with the increased demand for computer operators, the demand for good typists has also increased. Therefore, good typing skills has become one of the most wanted skills of employers. There are thousands of jobs available that require typing skills and have a good payout as well. Whereas if we talk about personal benefits, then blind typing can make our work easier. It has so many advantages like an increase in your typing speed, which means writing more, in less time. For developing a blind typing skill, many apps and softwares are available. Some of them are paid while some are free to use.

Blind typing (touch typing) just needs practice. But, how? This isn’t a problem anymore if your typing tutor is packed with all the necessities that it should have.

There are so many applications and software available for Windows and Mac. But, if you want a typing tutor which is supported by Linux, for you here we listed the 5 best of them.

Let’s begin with the first free typing tutors for Linux.

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Klavaro is one of the best free typing tutors for Linux. The interface is so simple that anyone can understand and use it easily. It focuses on increasing your typing accuracy. This typing tutor is supported by Linux, its distros (Ubuntu) and Windows as well.

With this typing tutor, you can learn fast and error-free typing. Their basic course includes voice instructions, which will help you to focus more on typing. Also, if you want to improve your typing more, then there are some additional lessons that will help you in doing so.

It has multiple keyboard layouts, like QWERT, Dvorak, QWERTZ, AZERTY, JTSUKEN, Colemak and AlphaGrip5. Also, if your keyboard layout isn’t there, then you can customize your keyboard layout and use that as well.

And at the completion of each exercise, you’ll be able to see your progress in the form of graphs.


This typing tutor again is supported by Linux and its distros. This is ideal for both kids and adults. The interface is attractive. It is developed by KDE Applications.

This is one of the best free typing tutors for Linux. Ktouch offers numerous courses or lessons to learn touch typing. It has many keyboard layouts and languages as well. For unlocking the lesson, you need to complete the current lesson with an average typing result.

On the completion of every lesson, Ktouch provides a result through a histogram. Thus, you can easily measure your growth. Also, this typing tutor focuses on each key for which you are taking more time. In this way, you can learn fast and error-free typing with this typing tutor.

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Tux Typing

Tux Typing is specially designed for children. The interface is engaging and children can learn along with fun. It comprises gameplay, with increased difficulty levels. Thus, this typing tutor is best for children. Tux Typing is task-based.

It is specially designed to increase the word per minute typing speed. It is supported by Linux and its distros like Fedora. Tux typing provide practice to learn basic typing. And comprise two games–Fish Cascade and Comet Zap, which grab the interest of children and adults as well. One can increase his/her typing speed by pressing different letters in a time limit as a part of the game.

With this app, you can learn to type fast in multiple languages. So, kids and adults both can practice and develop blind typing skills.


TIPP10 is a free typing tutor for Windows and Linux. It has a clean and simple interface. You can either download it or can use its web version.

It provides detailed statistics, which can help you in measuring growth. Also, it has highly customizable features. This typing tutor will teach you 10-finger typing and by practice, you can acquire blind typing skills. There are a lot of systematic ways with which you can improve your typing skills.

TIPP10 will teach you error-free typing. You can even use your own text to practice. Also, there are a few games available that make this tutor interesting and engaging. You can choose from the different keyboard layouts and multiple languages are available as well.


Keybr is a little complicated but is one of the best free typing tutors for Linux. This will help you in becoming a pro typist. It is made with the latest technology, which comes with a touch of muscle memory sense. It will help you type without looking at the keyboard.

Keybr also has multiple languages and keyboard layout support. At the end of the lesson, this will show you the progress. It provides such phrases or keys in lessons, for which you need more practice. It has many exercises of multiple levels of difficulty and sufficient typing tips as well. The UI is beautiful with an advanced algorithm.

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