Best free typing tutors for Windows

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Blind typing or touch typing is very useful. But, to learn blind typing you need to practice. Here we enlisted some best free typing tutors that will help you out in learning blind typing. They’ll increase your typing speed. You can test yourself and check the improvement as well.

There are many typing tutors who support Windows, you can opt for a paid version or free version as well. So, let’s begin with the most popular and reliable software, i.e Typing Master.

Typing master

Free-typing-tutors-Typing Master
Free typing tutor-Typing Master

Typing Master is one of the best free typing tutors. This software can be installed on Windows. It is a very creative platform where you can learn blind typing in many forms. Typing Master has so many typing tutorials, which will make you master typing with 10 fingers. For making the software an interesting place, there are a few typing games as well.

Also, you can choose lessons on your own. There are so many typing tests, each with a limit. After every typing test, you’ll get a report which will tell you your progress. Typing Master is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish.

The best thing here is, you can use its free version. You can install its free version on your PC easily.

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Free Typing Tutor-Ratatype

Ratatype is online software and is supported by Windows as well. It was introduced in 2015 and the headquarters are in Los Gatos, California. This typing tutor will let you focus on each finger and increase your typing speed. The interface is so good, that you no more feel distracted. It is simple and convenient. Ratatype is an excellent typing tutor for both adults and children. Also, it has interesting lessons, bright certificates, awards, and competitions. Through these things, you can enjoy while learning.

You can form groups with your classmates or colleagues, and compete with them. You all can compare your typing speed with each other. And can check who has completed more lessons as well. One of the great features is, this tutor will also offer you a proper sitting posture.

Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing-free-online-tutors
Rapid Typing

This is another free typing tutor. Rapid Typing comprises several sessions and games. With this software, you can learn blind typing easily. Here you can check the statistics and customise your own lessons. It is specially designed for kids and adults to increase typing efficiency. Here, keyboard training is fun and entertaining. And that’s what makes it easy to use.

The moving hand feature in Rapid Typing will tell you, which hand you should use to press any key. It will show you the correct way of placing fingers on the keyboard. And you can start from the basic lesson (or as per your choice) and can check your progress. Also, you can export your training outcomes in PDF, HTML, or other formats.

Here, you can also create your own course, Rapid typing then transform it into lessons of specific lengths.

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Typing Fingers

Typing Fingers

This software again is especially for touch-typing or blind typing. Typing Finger also comprises such games and lessons, which help in increasing typing accuracy. Typing fingers is a combination of fun games, learning and typing tests.

The interface is so catchy and might become a centre of interest for children too. This tutor has 32 interactive lessons and games in 7 languages as well. It has beautiful coloured keyboards and speed control mechanisms. After finishing every test, you’ll receive a diploma for becoming a typing pro.

You can download this software for free on your Windows 10.

typingio-typing- tutor-for-programmers
Best typing tutor for Programmers is quite different from the other ones on the list. It is especially for programmers, who struggle every day and want to learn blind typing. It has some special programs, which will make you perfect in the end. After completion, you would be able to code easily without looking at the keyboard frequently.

Their sessions are different, here you’ll not only learn touch typing but also learn to use special characters while typing. The programs here are similar to codes, which make you efficient while typing real codes. And likewise, other typing tutors will also give you typing accuracy report at the end.

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