Task prioritization quadrants

Test prioritization Quadrants

We get a lot of things to do in our life. However, we simply don’t have enough time to do everything. This is where task prioritization quadrants are important. There are many methods to prioritize the tasks and ensure every important task finishes on time. In this note, we will discuss one such method, the … Read more

8 easy ways to prevent Email overload

email overload

If you’re like most people, email overload is a problem. No matter what business or industry you work in, emails are pretty much the go-to method of communication for most people. And that’s not counting the other junk that comes in through email, like newsletters and spam. I wouldn’t say I like email overload a … Read more

What are SMART Goals?


Goals are small steps to reach the final objective. Setting goals is necessary if you really want to be successful. People often set goals that are not achievable and end up with zero progress. You might have heard about smart goals. In this article, we will discuss Smart Goals, and how to set them. What … Read more

Blind typing: is it worth?


We interact with the keyboard daily, but can you type without actually looking at the keyboard? You might have seen a lot of people typing with their eyes only on the screen. That’s what we call blind typing. Blind typing isn’t something impossible, but yes it needs some practice. Especially if we see programmers, they … Read more

Best Free Typing Tutors for Mac

Best free Typing Tutors for Mac

Blind typing or touch-typing has now become far more useful in one’s career. You type 25 words per minute, but if you can type 50 words per minute, you can easily see the difference. It has made things easier and time-saving as well. There are many typing tutors available for Mac and Windows. Well, for … Read more

Best free typing tutors for Windows

Best free typing tutors for Windows

Blind typing or touch typing is very useful. But, to learn blind typing you need to practice. Here we enlisted some best free typing tutors that will help you out in learning blind typing. They’ll increase your typing speed. You can test yourself and check the improvement as well. There are many typing tutors who … Read more