Hindi typing through Google Translate in 3 simple steps

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Have you ever wished to easily and effectively type in Hindi, using the English keyboard of your computer? It is now possible, let’s understand one of these options, easy Hindi typing through Google translate. 


There was a time when English was attached to the status symbol in India. That’s unfortunate but People used to judge you, your education, and your social status through your capability to communicate in English. 

Things have changed a lot in the last few years, especially since Jio enabled cheaper internet connectivity to rural India. India is a huge market now and to penetrate this market, corporates are now trying to reach rural India through local languages. Being the most spoken language, Hindi has its place now in the corporate world and is more acceptable now. 

With this change, the ability to type in Hindi is not a shame but an asset. The problem arise as most of us never learned or used the Hindi keyboard or typing. Our laptop and mobiles still have an English keyboard by default. Even if we change it to a Hindi keyboard, we can’t type effectively as we never learned Hindi typing. 

We are more used to Hinglish; which is Hindi written in the English alphabet. Is tarah, par ye kai logon ke liye aasan nahi hain (Like that, but it is not easy for many of us) 

Now we have a lot of options, where we may use an English keyboard to type in Hindi (Not Hinglish). These options are different for different operating systems. 

One of the options, that we will review today is Google translate. It could be the preferred option because Google translate is a web application and does not stick to one particular operating system. 

It does not only allow Hindi typing, but also Hindi dictation, which makes things much easier. 

Google Translate 

It is an amazing and innovative tool that helps you translate any text anywhere you want with or without the internet instantly. Gone are the days when you had to learn multiple languages through extravagant and hefty books to go on a tour or meet people of different nationalities. All thanks to Google Translate which has made a translation of one language to another or in fact to over 108 languages easier and quicker. 

We grew up using the English language and the keyboard on our phones or laptops for typing. Certainly, we are not used to typing using a keyboard in Hindi which makes it difficult when the requirement arises.   

Well, we have reached that peak of technology. Google Translate does this exact job for you with high accuracy.  

It is highly necessary to know all the features and basics to get your assignment or work done efficiently. You will get the most out of this powerful website from the start if you know how to use all its features. Keep reading, and you will get to know valuable tricks and tips for mastering this magic tool.  

Steps to easily type in Hindi using Google Translate 

Let us learn the easiest way of Hindi typing through Google Translate. 

Step 1. Visit translate.google.com 

Hindi typing through Google Translate
Google Translate

Step 2. Choose the Hindi language from this list of 108 languages. 

Hindi typing through Google Translate
Choose the language

Step 3. That’s it! Your work is done. You can simply start typing in Hindi using your keyboard. For instance, just type “Mera Bharat Mahaan” 

And it is done

And Google will type it for you in Hindi. Now, just copy and paste it wherever you wish to.  

Google Dictation 

If you wish to talk instead of type. You may configure speech-to-text to capture your voice, then just talk. You will find this talking to be an excellent alternative to typing in Hindi without losing anything. Yet another amazing tool by Google.

You may see a microphone icon below. Click on this icon and it will open the window as shown below. 

Easy Dictation

Now, you may speak whatever you want to type in Hindi, and this tool will type it for you. As a result, you just need your voice.  

And here you go. You may make changes and corrections using your keyboard. Easy? 

Google has once again proved why it is the most efficient and reliable friend to have. Because of Google Translate, you can easily type in Hindi without any worries and can save a lot of time and embarrassment.

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