5 best ways to avoid phishing scams

phishing scams

Phishing is an act of accessing people’s sensitive data for illegal use such as stealing money, information, or identity. Phishing scams are so common nowadays and many people are ending up being victims. These malicious actors are tangling innocent people into their illegal acts in many ways. If you think their false tricks can never … Read more

Ways to reduce data usage in Windows 10

reduce data usage

You can utilize your Windows 10 machine to its full potential by linking it to the internet and it is best if you know how to reduce data usage. Because the efficiency this comes at a price since Windows 10 is a data-demanding operating system by nature. You should definitely watch how much data the … Read more

Make your android run faster: 5 easy ways 

Make android run faster

Your Android phone can become slow for numerous reasons, which can be very frustrating. Make your Android run faster using these tips and tricks to save yourself from being embarrassed because of your super slow phone. Your smartphone’s speed and performance eventually deteriorate with continued use, regardless of the device you use. Is that accurate? … Read more

Windows 11 worst features and how to fix them

Windows 11 features

Although Windows 11 has many new features and far less bloatware than Windows 10, this does not imply that it is flawless. Most folks won’t enjoy the several bothersome features that are included right out of the box. The newest operating system from Microsoft is praised for its simple appearance and enhanced speed. But some … Read more

Customize Windows 11 Desktop

Customize Windows 11

Are you bored of using the same desktop? Or are you habitual of the prior desktop you had in Windows 11? If yes, go ahead with this article to learn how to customize the windows 11 desktop. You can make your Windows 11 look cool and attractive. So let’s begin. Also Read: Remove Bloatware from … Read more

Memory Cards Buying Guide in 2022


Are you confused about all the memory cards present in the market and which will work with your camera, cell phone, or electronic device? You can learn all you need to know about what to look for when purchasing a new memory card from this memory card buying guide. Memory cards are used for everything … Read more

Apple iOS 16 released: new features

Apple iOS 16

We have good news for Apple users. The much-awaited Apple iOS 16 update is here. It brings with it many exciting new features. Among these features are a redesigned lock screen with widgets, an iMessage unsend and edit feature, new keyboard haptics, a new home app, and numerous other things. With all-new personalization features, deeper … Read more

How to clear cache in browser in 2022?


It is essentially important for you to know how to clear your cache and cookies if you own a PC. Does your PC take ages to load web pages? Do you know that the problem can be your browsing history? Browsers track information about your preferences, searches, and browsing history while you use the internet. … Read more