How to schedule a Zoom meeting?

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Need to schedule a zoom call with your colleagues but are not sure how? Well, it is very quick and easy to schedule a zoom meeting. In this pandemic, from kids to adults, everybody must have used zoom once. It’s perfect for online classes to office’s important meetings to video chat with friends online. So in this article, let’s learn how to schedule a zoom meeting, invite people, etc.

To begin, you can either download the app or go to their website. Click here to download the app from the Google Play Store and here to download it from the Apple App Store.

Zoom meeting-

There are two types of meeting which you can host on zoom- Instant meetings and Scheduled meetings.

Instant meeting on Zoom:

To start an instant meeting, just click on New Meeting and the meeting will start. Once you start the meeting, you need to invite the participants. So to invite others to your meeting, click on Invite others-> Invite. Then a new window will open, click on Copy Invite Link. Now you can send this link to people who you want to invite, through WhatsApp, Email, or any other chat application.

Schedule a zoom meeting-

  • Go to their website or phone app and Sign In to your account. You can either Sign in with your Google or Facebook account.
sign in to zoom
sign in to zoom
  • If you’re on phone then tap Schedule and if on a desktop then click on Host a meeting.
schedule a zoom meeting
schedule a zoom meeting
  • Now add in some details for your meeting, add a topic and description so your invitees will know what the meeting is about. Add the date and time you’d like the meeting to start as well as the duration of the meeting.
add topic and description
add topic and description
  • You can automatically generate a unique meeting ID for this call or use your personal meeting room ID. If you plan to have a meeting with the same people at the same time on a regular basis, click the recurring meeting checkbox. Then choose the recurrence.
generate meeting automatically
generate meeting automatically
  • If you want to keep your meeting more secure, you can password protect the meeting room by checking off the required meeting password box. Then type in what you like the password to be.
add meeting password
add meeting password
  • Now you can choose if you’d like the host and/or participants to have their video on. You can also allow participants to join before the host, mute participants when they first enter the call, allow a waiting room, and record your meeting automatically.
schedule a zoom meeting
save the scheduled meeting
  • When you’re done filling in these details, click Save.

Invite people-

  • If you want to send an invitation through email, you can do that directly in zoom.
  • You can add this meeting to your Google, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar and invite your colleagues from there or click Copy the Invitation and send the invite through email.
invite people to zoom meeting
invite people to zoom meeting
  • Once you’ve scheduled the meeting, it will appear under the My Meetings tab as well as on the meeting page of the zoom desktop app.

Join a Zoom meeting-

You can join a zoom meeting from your computer or from your mobile.

Now let’s say you have received an email regarding an invitation to a zoom meeting. Click on it and then you’ll have two ways to join a meeting. The first way is by using the meeting link. To join the meeting all you have to do is to click on the link and it will directly take you to the page of the meeting.

The second way is to join a zoom meeting using the meeting ID. To do so, you need a meeting ID and a meeting password. Once you have these details, open the browser and go to and click Join a Meeting. Then enter the meeting ID->Join->Open zoom meeting-> Enter password. Now click Join-> Join with audio, you have successfully joined the meeting.


I hope this article was helpful and now you can join or host a meeting without any complications. If you liked this article then comment down below and also let us know what you want to read about next. And if you're looking for similar articles then here are a few recommendations for you guys.  

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