How to schedule messages on WhatsApp?

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You can do a lot of things on WhatsApp, from sending texts to different media. But do you know you can also schedule messages on WhatsApp? Well, if not then you’re at the right place because today we’ll learn how you can schedule messages on WhatsApp on both Android and iPhone.

Before getting into the steps you need to download WhatsApp. To download it from Google Play Store click here and from Apple App Store click here.

To schedule a message, you first need to create a WhatsApp account, if you want to know how to create one then click here. The steps to a create WhatsApp account are the same on both Android and iOS.

Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android:

To schedule a message on WhatsApp you need to download a third-party app. The app is called SKEDit and to download this app click here.

  • After you’ve downloaded the app, sign up into the app.
  • You can see the home page now, tap on “WhatsApp” and grant the permission the app needs.
schedule message on WhatsApp
schedule message on WhatsApp
  • Tap “Enable accessibility” -> “SKEDit”. Then click on “Use service” to enable it and finally tap “Allow”.
  • Close the app and return to it again. Now add WhatsApp recipient(s) that you wish to send a scheduled message.
  • Click on “Schedule” from where you can put on the date and time to send messages. You can also switch on “Ask me before sending” to get a notification before sending the scheduled message.
  • If you want to “Ask me before sending” off, then it’ll ask you to disable screen lock and battery optimization. If you do this, your scheduled messages will be sent automatically.
schedule messages on WhatsApp
schedule messages on WhatsApp
  • Lastly, click on the tick icon at the top right corner of the screen, and voila! you’ve successfully scheduled a WhatsApp message.

Schedule WhatsApp message on iOS:

iPhone users need to download the Shortcuts app to their devices. To download it click here.

  • Open the app and select the automation tab at the bottom. Tab the “+” icon at the top right corner of the screen.
create personal automation
create personal automation
  • Tap on “Create Personal Automation”. On the next screen tap “Time of Day” to schedule when to run your automation. Select the date and time when you want to schedule WhatsApp messages.
set schedule time and date
set schedule time and date
  • Once that is done, tap “Next” -> “Add Action” and then in the search box type “text”. And from the list of actions that appear, select “Text”.
add action and search text
add action and search text
  • After that enter your message in the text field. After you’re done writing the text, click on the “+” icon again and search “WhatsApp” at the search bar.
schedule message for WhatsApp
schedule message for WhatsApp
  • Now select “Send message via WhatsApp”, choose the recipient and click on “Next”. Finally on the next screen tap “Done”.
  • Now at the scheduled time, you’ll receive a notification from the Shortcuts App. Tap the notification and it’ll open WhatsApp with the message posted at the text field. All you need to do is to hit send.

Using this method, you can only schedule messages for up to a week in advance.

Benefit of scheduling messages:

Here are some benefits of scheduling messages on WhatsApp or any other app.

  • Healthy work-life balance– If you often forget to send important mail or message to your boss or colleague at an off time of day or night, scheduling messages might help you to create a healthy work-life balance.
  • Acts as a remainder- Suppose you’ve scheduled a message but forgotten about it later. But you’ll still get a notification for it which will act as a reminder for you.

These are a few of the many benefits of scheduling messages. I hope this article was helpful, if it was then do let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you want to read similar articles then here are a few recommendations for you guys. 

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