Bing Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Bing Tips and Tricks You Should Know

When it comes to searching the internet, Google is the go-to search engine for many people. However, Microsoft’s Bing is a worthy alternative that offers some unique features and advantages over its competitor. In this article, we’ll explore some Bing tips and tricks that you should know to get the most out of this powerful … Read more

How to set up a new laptop? | 10 things to do

How to set up new laptop

During the COVID period, most office-goers were working from home. Many students went to college for the first time, or graduated from college, went for further studies or just stepped into the corporate world. The demand for laptop continues to rise, even as more establishments are beginning to reopen. As a student, worker, or both, … Read more

Meditation: What is it, benefits, and how to start

Benefits of Meditation

Over the years, all generations including the Millennials and Gen Zs, have faced issues regarding focus, and concentration. It has been shown that meditation reduces anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as improving cognitive function and overall well-being. By practicing meditation regularly, you can cultivate a greater sense of awareness, compassion, and emotional regulation. Our … Read more

The Art of Saying NO: Book Summary

the art of saying NO book summary

“The Art of Saying No” is a self help book written by Damon Zahariades. We all know that “Most of our problems arise from saying YES too early and not saying NO soon enough”. We often feel stressed, and unhappy and suffer from anxiety only because we say YES to other people’s priorities ahead of … Read more

14 Tips to Help You Stay Focused

Ways to help you stay focused

In today’s fast pace life, we tend to get distracted very easily. Technology may or may not be the culprit here but we all know it is one of the reason for our procrastination. Probably the most valuable skill we could all work on is our ability to focus. While staying focused on a mundane … Read more

Why should we read book summaries?

Why should we read book summaries

We know that reading a book can be very advantageous and whenever I see an interesting book at a store, I think of reading it. But that thought stays only for a few seconds because I am, like most young adults these days, intimidated by the sheer length of the book. Obviously, there are various … Read more

The One Thing: Book Summary

The one thing book summary

The One Thing- a book written by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan ask you the one thing that you can do to make everything else easier. The book indicates that if you want more in life, then you need to take smaller steps. Its core concept revolves around Pareto Principle which indicates that 20% … Read more

The Millionaire Next Door: Book Summary

The Millionaire Next Door Summary

When we think about the “Millionaires”, what comes in mind? – Is it the people living on the Upper East Side in New York, or Hollywood? What kind of car they drive? Which luxury brand they wear? Well, we all want to find an answer to these questions. The book- “The Millionaire Next Door” points … Read more

What is RAM and Why does it matter in a Smartphone?


Today, smartphones are increasingly packed with memory. Smartphones with a large amount of RAM are considered to have good specifications but may be costly. Mobiles with varying RAM capacities are available in the market. A phone with 8 GB of RAM will be adequate for most users in 2022. In this article, we’re going to … Read more