14 Tips to Help You Stay Focused

Ways to help you stay focused

In today’s fast pace life, we tend to get distracted very easily. Technology may or may not be the culprit here but we all know it is one of the reason for our procrastination. Probably the most valuable skill we could all work on is our ability to focus. While staying focused on a mundane … Read more

Why should we read book summaries?

Why should we read book summaries

We know that reading a book can be very advantageous and whenever I see an interesting book at a store, I think of reading it. But that thought stays only for a few seconds because I am, like most young adults these days, intimidated by the sheer length of the book. Obviously, there are various … Read more

The One Thing: Book Summary

The one thing book summary

The One Thing- a book written by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan ask you the one thing that you can do to make everything else easier. The book indicates that if you want more in life, then you need to take smaller steps. Its core concept revolves around Pareto Principle which indicates that 20% … Read more

The Millionaire Next Door: Book Summary

The Millionaire Next Door Summary

When we think about the “Millionaires”, what comes in mind? – Is it the people living on the Upper East Side in New York, or Hollywood? What kind of car they drive? Which luxury brand they wear? Well, we all want to find an answer to these questions. The book- “The Millionaire Next Door” points … Read more

What is RAM and Why does it matter in a Smartphone?


Today, smartphones are increasingly packed with memory. Smartphones with a large amount of RAM are considered to have good specifications but may be costly. Mobiles with varying RAM capacities are available in the market. A phone with 8 GB of RAM will be adequate for most users in 2022. In this article, we’re going to … Read more

The Secret: Book Review and Summary

The Secret: Book Review and Summary

Rhona Byrne wrote the book “The Secret” which explains the law of attraction and how one can use it in his/her life to attract positivity. The author says that through positive thinking we can control our thoughts and want attract to astounding things in our life. This article will give an explicable book review of … Read more

How to save money online?- 10 ways


With everything happening online, from studies to shopping groceries, we’re just a click away from going broke. But nobody wants to spend extra on anything. We all look for offers, discounts, and coupons before buying the smallest thing, don’t we? So here are 10 ways in which we can save money online. You may also … Read more

Top 10 photo editing apps in 2022

top 10 photo editing apps in 2022

Whether you’re an Instagram-er or not, posting good pictures has become essential. We all see pictures of celebrities and influencers that are so crisp and perfect from every angle. But don’t we all already know that they’re just perfectly edited pictures? From creating cartoon images to making logos i.e. from personal to professional use, these … Read more