Blind typing: is it worth?

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We interact with the keyboard daily, but can you type without actually looking at the keyboard? You might have seen a lot of people typing with their eyes only on the screen. That’s what we call blind typing.

Blind typing isn’t something impossible, but yes it needs some practice. Especially if we see programmers, they need to code a lot. And what they do is, they type without looking at the keyboard. Although coding has many special characters, such as colon, semi-colon, and a few more. Have you ever think what makes them so perfect?

The answer is practice. You can also do this, but it only requires dedication. I am not saying, you can learn it in 10 days or less, it needs almost 3 months and 15 minutes daily. It worked for many people and there’s nothing wrong to try. It may take a little more or less time in your case, but I must say blind typing is worth it.

Blind typing means typing with all 10 fingers. We never notice but this saves our time. And we can use the saved time to go the extra mile.

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Advantages of Blind typing

Now, let’s see its few advantages as well.

  • Speed– For sure it will improve your typing speed. If you type with 3 or 4 fingers then, you can find the difference in the end. A good typing speed let you write around 50WPM or more (completely based on your practice). As you don’t need to look at the keyboard for your next moves. And by practice, you can be able to type without mistakes.
  • Accuracy and Time– When there is a bundle of pages to type and you do not have enough time, then what helps? Nothing, but your accuracy, how much you can type in a minute. If your typing accuracy is 25WPM, then you can type 1000 words in 40 minutes. But, if you’ve practised and now your typing speed is 50WPM, you can do the same task in 20 minutes. And this means you are saving half of your time.
  • Job prospects– Now, every company ask for computer skills. And these skills have now become mandatory. And one of the most important computer skills is typing skill. If you type faster and your accuracy is good, it will take you to the list of efficient employees.

How to do it?

This has no special process or a long list of tasks. But, it only needs determination and regularity.

Do you ride a bicycle? If you, then you can easily ride while talking to your friends along. Or you can listen to music whereas at the same time look for the traffic. How is it possible? because you are used to it. It has become your habit and now you can automatically control it. Likewise, if you will learn blind typing, then you can also type without looking at the keyboard.

Initially, it will take time, but as you start doing it on a regular basis you’ll see the difference. To learn blind typing you can install a typing tutor on your PC or Laptop. And invest your 15 minutes doing typing practice. You can also try typing your notes, or programs to practice. And in a few months, you’ll learn blind typing.

Learn Blind typing

Learning any skill requires practice and time. So, if you want to learn blind typing. Then you need to practice a few things and you need to be consistent for a period of time.

Typing tutors

You can learn blind typing on your own. But, it is difficult to plan lessons, check growth, check how many words we are typing in a minute and so on. So, for making all those easy, there are so many typing tutors available, where you can go and practice. You can install them on your PC or a few of them are available online as well. We have mentioned some free best typing tutors in the articles below.

Whereas, if you want to learn typing without installing any software or tutor. So, don’t worry, few typing tutors are available online and the best part is, they are free as well.,,,, with these typing tutors, you can practice and learn blind typing online.

Why Typing Tutors?

Typing tutors have some inbuilt courses or lessons that will develop an ability to type without looking at the keyboard.

Also, whenever we learn something new, we need to check our progress, how much we achieved. With these typing tutors, it is easy to measure growth. You can also get to know about your weak points, like which letter you need to practice more, which key you are pressing wrong more often.

Typing tutors will teach you the right way to place your fingers while typing. These methods are developed after a lot of experience and they worked for many people.

But, to learn blind typing I repeat, you need to be consistent. At least for 3 months or else it will not have the desired result. Just give 15 minutes every day, keep an eye on your progress and work on your weak points.

Use keyboard more

For being productive, limiting the use of the mouse is another way. Instead of going to the mouse, again and again, learn to use keyboard shortcuts more often.

Like if you want to close the tab, then press Alt+F4 (on Windows), cut, copy or paste your text using shortcuts. Here are a few common keyboard shortcuts for Windows ad Linux that might help you.

General Windows shortcuts

Ctrl + ASelect all content.
Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert)Copy selected items to clipboard.
Ctrl + XCut selected items to the clipboard.
Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert)Paste content from clipboard.
Ctrl + ZUndo an action, including undelete files (limited).
Ctrl + YRedo an action.
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate a new folder on the desktop or File Explorer.
Alt + F4Close active window. (If no active window is present, then a shutdown box appears.)
Ctrl + D (Del)Delete selected item to the Recycle Bin.
Shift + DeleteDelete the selected item permanently, skipping Recycle Bin.
F2Rename selected item.
ESCClose current task.
Alt + TabSwitch between open apps.
PrtScnTake a screenshot and stores it in the clipboard.
Windows key + IOpen Settings app.
Windows key + EOpen File Explorer.
Windows key + AOpen Action centre.
Windows keyboard shortcuts

General Linux Shortcuts

Ctrl + CCopy any highlighted text, image, or some other object to the clipboard.
Ctrl + VPaste copied text, image, or some other object from the clipboard.
Ctrl + XCut highlighted text, image, or some other object.
Ctrl + SSave the currently opened file.
Ctrl + NCreate a new file.
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action.
Ctrl + QQuit the application in focus.
Ctrl + Alt + F1 to F6Switch to a virtual console.
Ctrl + Alt + F7Switch to the first graphical terminal.
Linux Keyboard shortcuts

In this way, you will be habitual of using these keys, simultaneously you’ll be able to type without looking at the keyboard. And, somehow it will save your time as well.

Home row

You might know about the home row. The home row is the centre row of keys on the keyboard. It is referred to as the ideal row of placing fingers in order to learn touch or blind typing. Typing tutors also teach you the correct way of placing fingers. But if you are not installing any typing tutor, then you can learn which finger to use for pressing a particular key.


The home row has the following keys: a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, semicolon or colon and apostrophe or quotation marks. On a QWERTY keyboard, the home keys for the left-hand fingers are, A, S, D, F. And, the home keys for the right-hand fingers are J, K, L, (;). And thumbs for the Spacebar. Practice by placing your fingers on these home keys while typing. Initially just focus on the accuracy, after attaining it, work on increasing the typing speed.

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