iPhone SE 3 (2022 edition)- Specifications and review

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Apple brings its flagship phones every year. Whereas, iPhone SE 3, a 2022 edition has also been released on 18 March 2022. The iPhone SE holds a good fanbase and therefore, its new model is awaited by many. It is an iPhone model that you can buy under budget.

The first SE model, which was iPhone SE, was released on March 31, 2016. Then, on April 24, 2020, Apple released its second edition (iPhone SE 2). And now, finally, after two years, the third-gen phone is also available in the market.

Release date and Price

Apple announced the iPhone SE 3 on March 8, 2022, at an Apple event. However, the pre-orders were started on 11 March and the phone is available worldwide from 18 March 2022.

The starting price of this iPhone is $429 (INR. 32,726.48). The previous editions were for $399, but in the third-gen, Apple has increased its price.

The base model with 64 GB of storage costs $429, while the iPhone SE 3 with 128GB of storage costs $479. The other storage opinion is also available, 256 GB, which costs $579.

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iPhone SE 3: Specifications

This phone is available with 5G support and right now, it is the cheapest Apple phone in this category. Do you want to know the Top 5 Samsung 5G phones in India? Also, have a look at the list of the Best 5G phones in India.

  • 5G (sub-6 GHz) support
  • 4.7-inch LCD display
    • 1334 by 750-pixel resolution
    •  326 PPI
    •  625 nits max brightness
  • A15 Bionic chip
    • 6-core CPU
    • 4-core GPU 
    • 16-core Neural Engine
  • 12MP wide main camera + LED True Tone flash
  • 7MP of front camera
  • Storage- 64GB, 128GB or 256GB (non-expandable)
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 20W fast wired charging and wireless charging as well
  • Has Apple Pay support
  • Runs iOS 15
  • Battery- 2018 mAh

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iPhone SE 3: Design

The design is very similar to its predecessors and of iPhone 8. It is thin and lightweight, has a glass back and front, and has a sturdy aluminium frame. As compared to iPhone 13 mini, iPhone SE 3 is thinner.

available colours

The phone is available in three colours, Starlight, Midnight, and Product RED.

The design of the phone isn’t compromised by Apple. It has IP67 water and dust protection as well. The smooth back and front, slim design will let it fit into your hand perfectly.

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iPhone SE 3: Screen

The screen is also similar to the previous editions–4.7inch. The only compromise you need is to get a smaller screen. And a smaller screen, somehow a disadvantage, that you cannot enjoy videos over a large screen. Also, playing games on a smaller screen is not much enjoyable.

LED Screen

It has the same 760p Retina and the same old LCD screen. The quality of the screen isn’t sharp as 1080p screens. While the newer OLED screens are more vibrant and bright. But with iPhone SE 3, you’ll get an LED screen, which lacks the same contrast, deep black and instant response as OLED.

The newer phones now consist a high refresh rate, but iPhone SE 3 still has a 60Hz refresh rate. With the old design, it also has a Touch ID feature like older ones. The touch ID feature is quite good, fast and most importantly, reliable.

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iPhone SE 3: Camera

This phone has the same single camera as older iPhones. Simply, just a 12 MP single wide camera. You’ll be able to capture stunning pictures that can beat Android phone cameras in this range. It has some tricks that iPhone 13 also has. They will deliver a better quality of pictures, optimizes pictures for colour and detail, enables computational photography and a few more.

The major missing in the camera is–the night mode. And because of this only, the picture in low light looks blurry and noisy.

It uses the same Optical Image Stabilisation, thus it isn’t quite stable as in iPhone 13. But, A15 Bionic’s ISP worked well in improving the video quality even in low light.

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Software and Performance

You know what, surprisingly Apple provided the same processor as in iPhone 13 series. The new iPhone SE 3 has the newest and most powerful Apple A15 chip inside. And this really something huge, that now you are getting the same processor as the flagship iPhones.

This chipset is not only powerful but faster as well. It is the fastest one till now. Much better than Snapdragon and MediaTek processors being used in Android phones of this price range.

After the analysis, it was found that the iPhone SE 3 is a bit faster than iPhone 13 mini. And that’s what we expect from the A15 chipset. Gamers probably like this kind of performance.

Faster performance

The operating system here is the latest iOS 15 version. Apple is improving its operating system steadily by adding new features. The major benefit of this phone is that Apple is providing 5 years of software support. Whereas, you’ll get it for only 2-3 years with budget Android phones.

The phone has a 5G connectivity with sub6 band support. But, the mmWavee and ultra-wideband (UWB) chip is missing in this phone.

Battery life

The new iPhone SE has more battery capacity as compared to its previous generations. In iPhone SE (2020) there was a 1,821 mAh battery, whereas, in iPhone SE (2016), there was 1,624 mAh.

The battery in this phone will be able to provide 15 hours of video playback and 10 hours of video streaming. The video playback time with this edition is 2 hours more than iPhone SE 2 had. It is an improvement, but still not long-lasting as in iPhone 13 mini.

It supports 20Watt fast charging support. As per measurements, it could be charged from 0% to 100% in 1 hour 30 minutes, which isn’t the fastest.

Apple says about the iPhone SE 3’s battery

It also supports wireless charging. And with a standard Qi charger, it would take 3 hours to get charged fully from 0% to 100%.

What does the box include?

Flagship iPhones for so long have no charger included in the box. And, this is exactly with this phone too. This iPhone also follows the trend, but thankfully, Apple provided a USB-C to Lightning charging cable with this phone. You need to buy a charger separately with this phone too.

The previous generation of this model had USB-A to Lightning cables, which were not compatible with modern chargers. Other than this, you’ll get a user manual and SIM tool as well.


Click here to directly buy or check iPhone SE 3 on the official website.

Although the phone doesn’t have something extraordinary. But, the processor is surprisingly faster and not expected as well. The old design with a single camera still provides better picture quality. The 5G connectivity has made it the first 5G iPhone available in this price range.

However, the overall rating isn’t much better. Apple used a flagship chipset in an older design. Also, it has the same LCD screen as older ones, which is a little disappointing.

Well, we think this phone isn’t the best iPhone out there. But, still, if it fits your budget, and you want simple nothing extra, then this could be a better one for you.

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