How to perform an Instagram security checkup?

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Meta-owned Instagram has become very popular in recent years. Today it has about 2 Billion users worldwide. It has become a perfect place for startups and for promoting businesses when the company diversified the platform. Since the number of users has increased, so many privacy and security issues have been raised too. Therefore, it is important to keep your account safe and secure. For this, an Instagram security checkup is a must-do thing.

Instagram has some features that help you in increasing your account’s security. With these features, you can explore Instagram and connect with your favorite people without any privacy or security threat. You can use Instagram’s security checkup feature to check the overall security state of your account. Also, you can add Two-factor authentication in the app itself.

So for keeping your account secure, you can use Instagram features under security. Log in to your Instagram account. Go to settings, then look for security, then select Security Checkup. This feature tells us about the changes that have to be made in order to make our account more secure.


Password checker

Password is the key to one’s account. Without a password, you can’t log in to Instagram. Most people keep common passwords such as name, date of birth, phone number, etc, that are easy to guess. A password should be difficult and consists of special symbols, letters, and numbers.

Instead of keeping your date of birth as a password, you can combine it with your favorite dish name, or you can use lowercase and uppercase too. We suggest you use a password that consists of some special characters for more security. To set a new password, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to settings and look for the ‘Security‘ option.
  2. Tap on ‘Security checkup‘.
  3. Then, select ‘Password‘.

Additionally, you can change your password in an easier way as well. Go to Settings in the Instagram app, tap on security, and select ‘Password’. Enter the current password, then enter a new password, confirm again, and you are done.

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Update email

Most often people forget their old email password and started using a new email account. But, they forgot to update it on other accounts including Instagram. Keeping your email updated is an important part of making your account secure. In case, you forgot your password, you can use your email to get a reset link.

Also, you can get notifications on your email of any unauthorized login, password change, username change, and so on.

For updating or adding email, go to ‘Security checkup‘ under security. Then, click on ‘email‘. Check, if it is updated, then skip changing it. But, if you still haven’t linked or updated your new email, then do it.

NOTE: You can update your email directly from your profile too. Click on Edit profile, go to ‘Personal information settings‘ and add the Email in the specified column.

Mobile phone number

Adding a mobile phone number is essential to get OTPs. It helps in resetting your password if you’ve forgotten your old one. Alike email, so many people forgot to update their new phone numbers. It increases the chance of getting an account hacked. Therefore, in Instagram security checkup, you are asked to check your mobile phone number, whether it is updated or not.

For updating or adding a phone number to your Instagram account, again go to settings, then security, and select security checkup. Select ‘mobile phone number’ and add your number. You’ll get a six-digit OTP on your phone, enter it and tap on next.

If you will turn on the SMS notification, then you could get all the unusual activity reports on your registered phone number. This increases the security of your account.

NOTE: You can update your phone number directly from your profile too. Click on Edit profile, go to ‘Personal information settings‘ and add the phone number in the specified column.

Two Factor Authentication

The most preferred method of securing any account is to add a Two-factor authentication. After turning it on, users have to enter OTP to log in to their accounts. The OTP is always sent to the linked phone number of a user.

For adding a Two-factor authentication, go to settings, select security, then tap on Two-factor authentication. Tap on ‘Get Started‘ and you’ll be asked to choose a security method. You can download an authentication app, or choose to get a login code on WhatsApp or on text message.

if you choose the Authentication app option, then you’ll be asked to install an authentication app that Instagram suggests. Also, you can use your own pre-installed authentication app too.

If you have downloaded Instagram’s suggested Duo Mobile app, click on next. Instagram will save your key automatically in the authentication app. The next time you log in, you’ll be required to enter a two-factor authentication code, that you’ll find in the authentication app.

But, if you want to use an authentication app that you already have, then select Set up manually. After doing so, you get a key (like in the image above), copy the key, and enter it into the authentication app you want to use and you are done. Now onwards, every time you try to log in you’ll have to enter a 6-digit code.

Keep your accounts secure

In this era of increasing cybercrime, it is our own responsibility to keep our social media accounts secure. As our accounts have a lot of crucial information that could be misused. Therefore, keeping track on your activity and putting extra layers of security is definitely a smart decision.

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