How to avoid online fraud?

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In India, million of real-time transactions take place per day. These online transactions have made our life easier and a lot more convenient. But along comes the risk of fraud and unsafe transactions. Especially in the post-Covid era, rising cases of cyber fraud have become frequent. People have become hesitant towards online transactions. However, there are several ways to be careful and avoid online fraud.

Get a digital bank account for online transactions such as Airtel Payments Bank Account that can be linked to your mobile number. There are many other apps like this and people need to be aware of the apps as well as how to have a safer transaction. So here are 5 ways to be vigilant and have a safer online transaction experience.

1. Only use a Secure connection:

The first thing you should avoid is using public Wi-Fi to make online payments. Hackers can easily break into the network and steal your credentials. The URL of a secure connection will begin with HTTP://. Use only a trusted website for making payments as it offers a high guarantee for online transactions.

2. Avoid saving Debit/ Credit card details:

Even if you have taken all the security measures, avoid saving the card details that may put you at risk. To avoid online fraud don’t save your bank and personal details in the browser. Erase all the details after making payment and take efforts to type all the information when you log in next time. Do not forget to log out.

3. Opt for multifactor authentication:

Look for multifactor authentication while making payment. It creates an additional security layer to ensure a safe transaction. Use an app that offers the highest level of protection from potential frauds such as phishing, phone cloning, etc. One such app is Airtel Safe Pay, you can also use Google Pay as they have two-factor authentication.

4. Create a strong password:

I cannot stress enough to have a strong password not only for your device but also for financial apps and net banking websites. make sure to create a password that does not comprise your birthday or year. And make a habit of changing your passwords periodically.

For using multiple accounts you can use a password manager. A password manager stores your password in an encrypted form and helps you generate secure random passwords.

5. Always check for security seal:

Deal with trustworthy and reputed websites/apps only. If you’re new to any website or app then do some research before indulging. Always read reviews and terms and conditions before downloading an app as some apps may carry a lot of malware. Avoid downloading .apk apps, only download the apps that are verified by Play Store/App Store.

Pro Tip: Practice checking your financial statement on regular basis.

I hope this article was helpful and if it was then do let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you’re interested in similar articles then here are a few recommendations for you guys.

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