How will 5G impact the future of gaming and e-sports?

How will 5g impact the future of gaming and e-sports?

E-sports is an ever-evolving and dynamically growing industry. As per Statista, the global e-sports market is expected to reach $1.62 billion by 2024. Besides, the total e-sports viewership is projected to grow at 9% CAGR between 2019-2023. It is also expected that the e-sports audience will double over six years. While there are various factors, … Read more

Best Cloud Gaming services


Cloud Gaming, which is also known as remote gaming, is generally streaming over the internet. In this method, the game is played by using remote servers in centres. Because of Cloud gaming, there is no need to download the whole game on your PC. You can get access to your game from any device by … Read more

How can gaming be a career for you?

How can gaming be a career for you?

Gaming is always considered just a hobby or a time-waster. But, don’t you think it can be more than that. Whenever we talk about our careers, we look for our interests. So, why not choose gaming as a career? Gaming can be an excellent profession only if you fully utilize your skill. Here, we’ll discuss … Read more