How can gaming be a career for you?

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Gaming is always considered just a hobby or a time-waster. But, don’t you think it can be more than that. Whenever we talk about our careers, we look for our interests. So, why not choose gaming as a career? Gaming can be an excellent profession only if you fully utilize your skill. Here, we’ll discuss that how can gaming be a career.

Gaming is an activity to play electronic games using gaming consoles, computers, tablets, mobile phones or any other medium. A person who is into gaming is often termed as a “gamer or hardcore gamer”.

How can gaming be a career?

A lot of people improved their gaming and demonstrate it to the world or learnt to develop games and create their own ones. Like, you may know some of the gamers that do Live streaming. They are earning by just playing a game because they have not only utilised their skill but also evolved it.

A career in gaming requires a creative mind with an understanding of technology. Well, if you think this could be a perfect profession for you then you can opt for gaming as a career.

Gaming is a tremendous field. Here are some types of game,

  • Personal Computer Game
  • Handheld Game
  • Online Game
  • Arcade Game
  • Console Game
  • Mobile Game

You can do mastery on trending and most popular games such as Battle Royal Games RTS (Real-Time Strategy Games), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Online card games (such as poker and blackjack), FPS (First Person Shooter), DCCG (Digital Collectible Card Games), and so on for becoming a gamer. Or you can make your career in gaming by learning.

You can be a…

career in gaming
Career in Gaming

1. Game producer

A game producer is the one who keeps an eye on each activity and appoints staff. His role is to select such creative and talented people who can provide the desired outcome. A game producer also invests the money that is required for creating a game.

2. Game designer

As the name conveys, a game designer designs a game. They create characters, storylines, scenarios, plots, user interfaces etc. They think of ideas and then apply them to their gaming world. A game designer must be creative enough to build something fascinating.

3. Game tester

A game tester checks the game before the release. They also fix the bugs and errors, found in playing that game. They check the game from every aspect and then approve it for the next step.

4. Game Artist

A Game Artist creates 2D and 3D designs of all the elements such as characters, scenes, backgrounds, objects, textures, etc. He is the one who contributes to the success of the game by providing eye-catching designed elements.

5. Game Programmer

Every game we see has been coded behind. Transforming the ideas and designs into a working module is only possible because of programming. The game programmer handles the coding part of the game. For being a Game Programmer you must be good at programming. C++, JAVA, Python are some languages that are widely used in gaming.

6. Video Game Audio Engineer

A Video Game Audio Engineer makes the game realistic by adding sound effects in games. He must be capable of adding such audios that suit the theme of the game.

7. Game Animator

A Game Animator gives life to the characters and elements of a game. Those 2D and 3D objects work in a game because of a Game Animator. He is accountable for adding animations to the objects like vehicles, characters, animals, or other things in the game.

Are there courses or degrees in Gaming?

There are a lot of courses provided offline as well as online. Also, many Universities and Institution offers various degrees that will make your way to the field of gaming. You can also opt for certification courses and diplomas additionally with your main subject. You can develop your skills and experience by going for the courses or diplomas.

Some institutes that offer courses in the field of Gaming

  • Academy of Animation and Gaming, Noida
  • Animastery Academy, Bangalore
  • iPixio Animation College, Bangalore
  • Zee Institute of Creative Art, Bangalore
  • Arena Animations, New Delhi
  • The NorthCap University, Gurgaon
  • Asian Institute of Design, Bangalore
  • Global Institue of Gaming and Animation, Chennai

So, go ahead! Utilize your skills, practice and build your career in Gaming.

Good Luck!


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