How will 5G impact the future of gaming and e-sports?

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E-sports is an ever-evolving and dynamically growing industry. As per Statista, the global e-sports market is expected to reach $1.62 billion by 2024. Besides, the total e-sports viewership is projected to grow at 9% CAGR between 2019-2023. It is also expected that the e-sports audience will double over six years. While there are various factors, technology has a major role to play. So let’s see how will 5G impact the future of gaming and e-sports.

Technological advancements are essential to ensure that the gamers have access to fast speed and a smooth user interface without any technical glitches.

Mobile leads the way:

The majority of India’s esports and gaming has been accompanied by the mobile industry. Unlike the more developed e-sports market, the majority of Indians did not grow up playing PlayStations or other home consoles. The current youth of the country, under the age of 24, are the ones truly growing with the easy access to video games. All thanks to their smartphones! This is why India is turning into the largest mobile gaming hub in the world.

Over the past two and half years, mobile e-sports in India has seen crores in prize pools bringing into significant media coverage. Driving up awareness and interest with the audience outside the player base is further helping e-sports and gaming in India.

Better Speed and Stable Network:

Internet connection plays a crucial role in the gaming industry. Apart from mobile, both PC and console games either need to be online to download, update, or just play games. Faster speed and stable connections are key in improving the gaming experience. It also makes it easier for more people to access games across different devices.

Faster and more stable internet connections are the two key elements pushing the growth of e-sports. Playing and competing online depends heavily on your connection and that’s been a major problem for gamers in India. Moreover, the competitive mobile games have done a fantastic job of makers servers across the country to ensure that the players in the region have a better playing experience.

5G- the future of gaming and e-sports

As per researchers, the global 5G smartphone market is expected to reach $823.93 billion in 2025. It will grow a CAGR of 124.89% from 2021-2025. Also as reported by Ericsson, 30% of the wireless connections will make use of a 5G network by the end of 2025. Moreover, 5G smartphone users will increase from 200 million in 2020 to 3 billion-plus by the end of 2026.

The increase in the e-sports segment is examined to be one of the major reasons for the boost of 5G smartphone usage. According to these statistics, the rise in the latter will vice versa lead to the upliftment of the former. On the whole, both the e-sports sector and 5G smartphones contribute to each other’s growth.

More content for more people:

Thanks to the smartphone penetration in the country, India today is one of the largest internet using populations in the world. That means we have a massive potential audience for e-sports campaigns, especially mobile e-sports as it’s more relevant. Over the years, there has been massive popularity for top mobile esports players like Sc0ut, Ghatak to name a few. There are top gaming content creators who have benefitted from a wider audience. Of course, thanks to the 4G network but it’s still far away from an ideal network.

It’s not only content consumption but also content creation that will benefit from 5G. Today’s smartphones are capable of broadcasting on the go. That combined with greater speeds and better stability, more and more people will aspire to become content creators.

Cloud Gaming:

Services like GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass are getting closer to ideal performance levels. Soon gamers can have access to hundreds of AAA quality games in the palm of their hands. While these services have been tested and are available in certain North American and European markets, it has been a distant dream for many Indian gamers.

Gamers need low latency, fast and stable connections to have a good gaming experience. While this is solved by great broadband, most mobile users would still rely on their network providers. And that’s where access to 5G speeds and networks will be a massive boost for the sector.

To sum it up:

So, 5G will impact the future of gaming and e-sports in a positive manner. Better connections for Online Play, easier access to online content, and the ability to stream will help to take the gaming and e-sports sector in India to the next level.

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