What is Cloud Gaming? | All you need to know about

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The rapidly developing gaming world requires a high level of hardware. As games are no more like moving a car from one lane to another in order to save your car. Today it is elevated to the next level. And for the higher level of gaming, with the advanced hardware so many other things are also required and subsequently, gaming becomes expensive. But, cloud gaming is a solution to this problem. Let us learn what actually it is?

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming, which is also known as remote gaming, is generally streaming over the internet. By using this technology, you can play games by using remote servers in centres. Because of Cloud gaming, there is no need to download the whole game on your PC. For installing any game on a PC, you need a disk, but now you can get access to your game from any device by just connecting to the server. This only needs a reliable internet connection. As it sends gaming data to an app or browser installed on the recipient device. As soon as you provide input, a new frame in response to your input will come to you directly from the server.

Simply, Cloud gaming enables you to play games on devices you already own, without the need to purchase a gaming console or gaming PC. Games live in the cloud, so there are no lengthy downloads, installs, or updates required.

It’s just like Spotify, Netflix or some other streaming platforms. This technology opens up many possibilities like you can play the latest AAA games on your phone or you can activate a cloud gaming app to your Chromebook, PC, or other devices. In this way, you can play highly portable games on your devices without actually having high-end PCs. Various companies stepped into this, but the technology still needs some improvement.


More about Cloud Gaming

This technology was first started by G-cluster. And they introduced their product in the year 2000 and released it in around 2003. Due to changes in the market, G-cluster changed their model to work through a large server manufacturer to provide their games to the network operators and directly to users. 

Nvidia is the first company that introduced a cloud gaming service, with a combination of hardware using its graphics processing units and software in May 2012. Many companies stepped into this and soon will be available all over the world. Some of the best cloud gaming services include shadow, Google Stadia, and Paperspace.

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How does it work?

It basically works like other streaming platforms. The server sends encoded data to your device and your device decode it to your end by using the internet. Whereas regular streaming is a one-way process, where the provider’s server ask you for the data and upon responses, their client decodes it for you.

But, gaming needs continuous input from the receiving device. These inputs are sent to the servers and in their response, frames after every input are sent by the servers. And in this way, a user gets things to its end.

Present gaming, store all your information on your device. If the internet connection is low subsequently your game take much time to load things on your end. You may have seen, sometimes when you have a poor internet connection, your character sometimes loses its accessories.

Whereas, cloud gaming stores your data on the server without saving any data on your device. This saves your resources and you can have a high-end PC without actually purchasing it. But, the drawback is that you need a strong internet connection equal to or more than 10Mbps for playing games with the highest compatibility.

Why Cloud gaming is advantageous?

Cloud gaming is of great use as it eliminated the need of purchasing high-end computers or devices. Cloud gaming can transform your PC into a high-end gaming PC. There are a lot of cloud gaming services, that offers subscriptions.

Here, You don’t need a special Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Cloud gaming services provide you with Internal memory, RAM, and all of which help in smooth running These services will provide you with a library of amazing games.

This technology also gives security, as there’s no risk of hacking if you are streaming through these services. Also, here you can easily access your games, build your own library, and can unlock many other features depending upon your subscription plan.

Rather than depending on the consoles, you can use these services on any devices such as smartphones, laptops, palm-held devices, desktops, etc. In comparison to traditional gaming, cloud applications provide flexibility in terms of storage capacity.


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