Best Cloud Gaming services

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Cloud Gaming, which is also known as remote gaming, is generally streaming over the internet. In this method, the game is played by using remote servers in centres. Because of Cloud gaming, there is no need to download the whole game on your PC. You can get access to your game from any device by just connecting to the server. This only needs a reliable internet connection. Various companies stepped into this, so let’s learn about the best cloud gaming services that you must try.



Streaming services will allow you to jump to the titles of your choice without any system requirements. In spite of being so expensive, Shadow is one of the best cloud gaming services, one could opt for. It can transform your Windows 10 PC or owned devices into a high-end PC. It gives the best streaming quality with 60FPS at 4k and 144FPS at full HD. Also renders stunning graphic quality. Shadow offer 12 GB of RAM with 256GB of internal memory that is expandable up to 2TB HDD.

But, for using Shadow, it is recommended to have 15Mbps of internet speed. As higher internet speed will provide a smooth running and better video quality.

It previously offers three subscription plans; Shadow Boost for basic gaming PC setup, Shadow Ultra with ray tracing capabilities and Shadow Infinite with an upgraded graphics card and storage. The company has since changed ownership and now offers a single membership tier, a $29.99 monthly subscription similar in specs and access to the Shadow Boost plan. 

Google Stadia

This is one of the best cloud gaming services. Stadia Google is a gaming platform, where you can stream games. It requires no downloads, no updates or no installations. Just a good internet connection. Here, you can find many games based on your interest. Games can be played on compatible devices without any worry about system requirements. It works like other streaming services like TV or music, you can stream your favourite games directly on your laptops, PC, compatible phone, etc.

Stadia also provides a subscription plan that costs $9.99 per month. In Stadia pro, you can choose your favourite games from the huge varieties. Here, you can also build your own collection of games and you can access them as long as you use Stadia Pro. But, a subscription renews automatically until you do not cancel it. With Stadia Pro you’ll get so many advantages, one of them is discounts on your plan. You can buy games from the store without activating Stadia Pro but, with Stadia Pro you can get discounts on purchasing games. Visit to manage your subscriptions.

For using Google Stadia your internet connection must be 10mbps or more.


If you are searching for a budget-friendly cloud gaming service, so this could be the one. Vortex transform your mediocre PC or Mac into a high-end gaming PC. There are a number of pricing and hardware solutions that will fit your budget.

You can run Vortex on your Windows 10 PC or laptop, Androids 5.0 tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs as well as Mac devices with Mac OS 10.13 or above. It can deliver up to 60 frames per second. It sometimes depends upon your internet connection also. For using Vortex you must be having 10Mbps of internet speed. But, if you are using your mobile data so it must be 4G or 5G. In the Vortex, they have included many games for free in their curated library, and for sure you gonna love them. Finding games of different categories is easy as they are grouped separately as arcade games, fighting games, etc.

They provide subscriptions in three categories; Basic, Pro and Ultra.

  • Basic: $9.99/month, 50 hours of play per month, 73 games permitted in your library.
  • Pro: $19.99/month, 80 hours of play per month, 167 games permitted in your library.
  • Ultra: $19.99/month, 140 hours of play per month, 167 games permitted in your library.

Overall there subscription plans are comparatively cheap. But, Vortex does not offer any free subscription. You can refer your friends and can get discounts or free months.

Subscribe from here.


This platform or service is good for casual gamers. It is a cloud computing company that also offers cloud gaming and it’s one of the best cloud gaming services. You can download any game from any library that you can access at home. There is no restriction, almost every game is available to purchase. The servers are located in the US and Europe. They run on Windows with Nvidia graphics cards.

In subscription plans, they charge for hours or monthly unlimited game-time. This can be good or sometimes bad as well. Because playing more than the limit hours may result in extra charges. All hourly plans come with an added $5 monthly storage fee that you could miss before checkout.

  • $0.45/ hour, for 8 cores, 30GB of RAM, an 8GB GPU, and 50GB of SSD storage space.
  • $0.78/hour, for 8 cores, 30GB of RAM, an 16GB GPU, and 50GB of SSD storage space.

You can upgrade storage or other features, but extra charges will apply. The pitfall here is that there are no free trials and also no refund policy. What if you want to change your plan before the subscription period? So this can be a big problem.

Paperspace can provide you with streaming up to 4k on fast internet connections. And is compatible with all your devices. Its unrestricted game library makes it flexible for all types of gamers. The technical-minded gamer can make good use of hourly charges by finding the backend and better knowing when to upgrade.

The Gaming Project

This service is also available for Indian users. Their headquarters lies in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The best thing here is, it is economical. They charge for hours and have monthly, weekly, or weekend subscriptions. Any PC or mobile with 2 GB RAM or more, can opt for this. Other requirements include Chrome version 71 or above and an internet connection of 10Mbps or more.

Here, you’ll get a library of games including sniper ghost warrior 3, Lords of the Fallen and many more. You can use their free version and can play 6 hours per month in this basic plan. All the other plans are listed below;

Subscription Pack

  • Basic- Free/ 6hrs per month
  • Pro- Rs.199/ 20hrs per month
  • Ultimate- Rs.499/ Unlimited hours of game play

Weekly Plan

  • Weekly- Rs.99/ 10hrs per week
  • Weekends- Rs.149/ Unlimited hours of gameplay (FRI 6AM-MON 6AM)

Hourly plans

  • 1 Hour- Rs.30
  • 3 Hour- Rs.80

In a Basic subscription, you can access the Gaming Project’s game library, which is available to all the users, whether free or paid. But, in all the other paid subscriptions and plans, you can access more games without purchasing them.


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