WhatsApp tips and tricks 2022

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In this article, we will discover some of WhatsApp’s best features and key elements. We delve in with shortcuts, creating a group, contact details, formatting text, and advice for keeping yourself safe when using WhatsApp. By the end of “WhatsApp tips and tricks 2022”, you’ll have mastered WhatsApp.

Top 10 WhatsApp tips and tricks in 2022:

To download WhatsApp from the Google Play store click here and from Apple App Store click here. Now let’s go ahead and learn about these 10 WhatsApp tips and tricks in 2022.

1. Pin Chats:

An interesting feature of WhatsApp is the ability to pin chats to your device’s home screen. You’re able to pin up to three specific chats and remove them too. The process is really easy and is explained below.

  • First, find the chat you want to pin. Tap and hold the hat until a tick appears n the contact’s profile picture.
  • Along the top of the screen, you can now see several new icons. Click on the icon representing pin, “Chat pinned” will appear along with the pin icon next to the chat.

You can now find the chat on your home screen.

Remove the Pins Removing a pinned chat is simply a reversal of the pinning a chat process. Long press the pinned chat and this time the pin icon has a line cut through it. Tap the pin con again to unpin the chat and remove it from the home screen.

2. Mute Chats:

While it’s great to have countless contacts sending you messages, there comes a time when you may want to silence the notifications. Naturally, you could turn the notification volume down on your device but that may hinder other important messages. To mute a chat, follow these steps:

  • Tap and long press until the Menu icon appears on the top and the contact has a tick next to their profile picture.
  • Along the menu icon is a speaker with a line through it, tap it and you’re presented with an options menu. This enables you to mute notification from that chat for a set period: 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year.

Un-Mute Chat- If you want to un-mute the chat, simply reverse the process. Notice that the muted chat contact has the mute icon in their chat bar, just under the date. Tap and long press to bring the menu up and tap the speaker icon to unmute the chat.

3. Archive Chats:

Archiving chats is different that of backing up a chat. The Archive Chats feature allows you to hide a conversation from your main Chats screen but gives you the option to access it later. It’s a good way of organizing your chats and any groups you’re a part of.

  • Open your WhatsApp screen and select a chat stream to archive. Tap and long press to activate the top bar menu and then place a tick next to the contact’s profile picture. the Archive chat icon s next to the Mute icon, represented by a box with a down-pointing arrow inside.
  • Tap the archive icon and the chat disappears from the man chat screen. At the bottom of all your chats, you can see a link for “Archived chats (1)”, with a number stating the amount of archived chat you have. This is where the chat is now held. Tap on t to access the chats hidden away from the main Chat screen.

Un-Archive Chat- If you want to ring your archived chats back into the man chat screen, tap on the “Archived chats” link. From within the archived section, select the chat you want to restore, tap, and long press for the bottom menu to appear. Tap the unarchive icon, which this time is represented with an up-facing arrow inside a box, and the chat is restored.

4. Editing images in WhatsApp:

Sending photos and images through WhatsApp to your contacts is a great feature. However, it’s made even better with the built-in filters and a picture editor. Here’s how you can add emoji, text, or line art to your images.

  • Open the chat and tap the camera icon. This will open the camera view, displaying the rear camera by default.
  • From here you can either take an image via camera or choose one from your existing gallery roll. The image will be displayed in the main part of the screen with a row of icons at the top.
  • Start by swiping up from the bottom, which reveals a section of filters that you can apply to your photo. Just scroll through the filters, tapping each, in turn, to apply them to the image. When you find your desired filter, swipe back down to return to the main image editing screen.
  • The icons along the top of the screen allow you to crop the image, add emoji, text, etc. Simply tap the icon you want and apply the aftereffect to the image.

5. Block Contact:

A contact that has become abusive or someone you don’t know has added you to a WhatsApp chat, needs to be silenced. Here’s how to do it.

  • There are two ways in which you can block contact. First, tap the contact’s profile from the Chats screen, then tap the circled ‘i’. Once the contact’s profile is displayed, scroll to the bottom and tap Block.
  • The second way to block a WhatsApp contact requires you to go to Settings-> Account-> Privacy-> Blocked Contacts. Tap to enter Blocked contacts, and then tap the Person icon with the plus sign to add the contact to the Blocked Contacts list.

Un-Block Contacts- To unblock a contact, go to Settings-> Privacy-> Blocked Contacts screen. Select the contact you want to unblock by tapping and holding on their name, then tap the unblock “contact name”. Now you can receive messages, calls, and status updates from them.

6. Report Spam:

Spamming is sadly a daily occurrence in the digital world. Some spammers are simply cycling through numbers in the attempt to get hold of someone, usually to sell or hack. Others though specifically target someone once they get hold of their number. To report spam, follow these steps.

  • Reporting a contact as Spam automatically blocks them as well. To report spam, tap the contact’s profile followed by the circled ‘i’. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Report Spam. The WhatsApp team reviews the report and takes any necessary actions, such as banning the numbers.
  • Alternatively, if you’re using the WhatsApp desktop client then open the contact’s information page by right-clicking on a chat and choosing Contact Info. When the contact’s info page opens, scroll to the bottom and click on the Report Spam link. This has the same effect as the mobile version of WhatsApp.

7. New Broadcast:

The Broadcast feature in WhatsApp is similar to that of a Group. If you want to learn how to create a Group on WhatsApp then click here. However, a Broadcast differs in that each recipient in the Broadcast list is not able to see other contacts’ replies. You’re broadcasting out but they reply individually.

  • You can set up a Broadcast List for contacts to whom you regularly want to send messages, without wanting to add them to a group. Start by tapping the three vertical dots, then choose New Broadcast from the menu.
  • Tap each contact you want to include in the list and they are added to the top of the screen. Click on the “X” next to their profile image to remove them from the list.
  • Tap the green tick in the corner to finish the process and you are taken to a chat screen; as with normal and group chats. You can enter your messages and include any emoji, GIFs, or attachments. Tap the green right-facing arrow to send your message to the chosen contacts.
  • When sending another Broadcast to the same contact, tap the list and enter your message. each user will reply individually, without the others knowing.

Adding Contacts or Deleting Lists- You can easily add more contacts to your broadcast lost and even delete the list by tapping and holding on to the Broadcast List until a tick appears. tapping the three vertical dots in the corner and selecting Broadcast List Info from the menu. The Info screen allows you to add and remove recipients or contacts, as well as delete the list or report a list as spam.

8. Formatting Text:

The next in the list of “WhatsApp tips and tricks 2022” is Formatting texts. WhatsApp introduced ways in which you can format your texts. You can change the formatting of entire sentences or just snippets of text to italic, bold, strikethrough, or as a monospaced font.

  • Enter a chat and either select text you’ve already written or with new text, enter “_Text_”. This displays the text as Italics.
  • For bold text, put an asterisk on either side of the text. Again, you can select sections of text you’ve already written or enter new text. For example: “*Text*” and tap the send button.
  • Strikethrough and Monospace font text styles can be achieved by placing a tilde on both sides of the text: ~Strikethrough text~ and for Monospace Font, use three backticks on either side. (“`)

Alternative Formatting- Alternatively, instead of adding extras before and after the text, simply highlight the text, tap the three vertical dots that appear with the text, and scroll down to choose Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, or Monospace.

9. Quote Messages:

Quoting text is an important part of messaging, so naturally, WhatsApp has enabled the feature by default. If you need to quote something a contact has said in a chat, here’s how you can do it.

  • Tap and press the text to highlight it and call up a set of icons at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the first icon on the left, the curved icon pointing towards left. And the highlighted text is displayed within a box with a section at the bottom for you to enter your text. You can also include Emoji, GIFs, etc. When you’re ready tap the Send button to quote the text.

Quoting with the Desktop version- If you want to quote some text via desktop version of WhatsApp, the process is a little different. First open the chat and find the line of text you want to quote. Hover the mouse pointer over the text and a down-pointing arrow appears to the right of the text bar. Click the arrow followed by reply. You can now reply in the same way as the mobile version.

10. Watching YouTube clips in WhatsApp:

The last on the list of “WhatsApp tips and tricks 2022” is watching YouTube clips in WhatsApp. It is a significant update that can make WhatsApp experience a little better.

  • Let’s assume that you’ve found an amazing video you want to share with friends on WhatsApp. Tap on the Share button and copy the link.
  • Switch back to WhatsApp and enter a chat screen with a friend. Tap the chat box and hold to bring up the sub-menu and press paste. Press the send message button to the right of the chat box and the video preview appears on the main chat screen.
  • When your WhatsApp contact taps on the play icon within the video preview feed, a floating window appears at the top of the screen playing the video.

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