Windows 11 shortcut keys cheat sheet

Windows 11 shortcut keys

When working on a Windows 11 computer, keyboard shortcut keys make our life much simpler. These hotkeys help you get things done faster and more efficiently, whether you need to access settings, move through directories, or switch between tabs and windows. Furthermore, hotkeys come in handy when your mouse or pointer is not functioning for … Read more

Fixing WordPress-MySQL issue with Swap

Fixing MySQL issue on Digital Ocean

On KAPsNotes, we were facing a weird WordPress-MySQL issue. Our WordPress site was going down frequently. Here is a quick fix by introducing Swap. Background KAPsNotes was going down frequently. Although issue was automatically getting fixed in 10-15 minutes, it was annoying for two reasons: Site is down which is a huge issue in itself. … Read more

10 ways to grow on YouTube  

ways to grow on YouTube

Today I am going to show you how to grow your YouTube channel using these ways to grow on YouTube. YouTube generates the second most traffic according to Alexa’s top sites in the world, second only to Google. Below we will go into detail on each of these ways to grow your YouTube channel and for … Read more

How to save smartphone from overheating?


All technology is prone to malfunction occasionally including your mobile phone. And these days, overheating seems to be a common problem with smartphones. But not many people know what to do about it. So here are a few simple but effective ways to save your smartphone from overheating. You’ll be able to feel the difference … Read more