How to create a group in WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp groups are designed for 2 way communication between participants with a max limit of 256 group members. It is like a WhatsApp chat where you can do the exact same things (also much more) but share it with many people. So let’s see how we can create a group in WhatsApp for both iPhone and Android.

To download WhatsApp from Google Play Store click here and from Apple App Store click here.

Create a group in WhatsApp on iPhone:

To create a WhatsApp group on iPhone these are the following steps:

  • Go to “Chats” which is at the bottom right side of your phone. Click on “New Group” at the right corner of your phone. Or, you can also click on the pencil and paper icon that shows you your contact list. “New Group” and “New contact” options will also appear. Click on “New Group” to create a group.
create a WhatsApp group on iPhone
create a WhatsApp group on iPhone
  • Now you can see your contact list has appeared for you to choose the people you want to be there in the group and click on “Next”.
  • Name your group and give it a profile picture if you want to. Click “Create” and your new group will be created. Now you can also do VoIP call to the members of the group.
group has been created
group has been created
  • To change the settings, click on your group name, it will take you to a page where you can change settings according to your preference. Click on “Group Settings” to change the setting of the group. You can easily edit group info, admins, etc. To add new members to the group, click on “Add Participants”.
  • To invite someone via link, click on your group name and select “Invite to Group via Link”. Now send this to someone you want to invite to the group.

Create a group in WhatsApp on Android:

To create a WhatsApp group on Android these are the following steps:

  • Go to WhatsApp and click on the three dots at the top right corner of your device.
  • Click on “New Group”, this will take you to your contact list with WhatsApp. Select the people you want to be in the group.
create a WhatsApp group on android
create new group on WhatsApp
  • Click on “->” which will take you to a page where you have provide a name of the group and a group icon. Click on the tick to create a group.
add participants and name your group
add participants and name your group
  • The settings function is similar to iPhone. Click on the group name and change the settings of your group. Add description, participants, invite people, etc. through the settings.
create group in WhatsApp
group settings

How to exit group?

There are few ways in which you can delete and exit group. Let’s see two of them.

The first way is to long press on the group that you want to exit, click on “Exit group” and click “EXIT” to finally exit the group. Likewise, you can delete the group as well. But you cannot delete a group before exiting them.

exit group in WhatsApp
exit group in WhatsApp

In the second way, go to the group you want to exit, click on the three dots at the upper right corner of the screen. Go to “More” -> “Exit group” -> “EXIT”. If you don’t want to exit the group then click on “CANCEL” or simply mute the group by clicking on “MUTE INSTEAD”. If you mute a group or a chat then you won’t get notification if any message arrives from that particular group or chat.

delete group in WhatsApp
exit and delete group in WhatsApp

Advantage and Drawback of a WhatsApp group:

Group communication can drive connectivity and allow interaction with all the members of the group. A WhatsApp group is also a really useful tool to encourage creativity, ideas and suggestions from all team members. If you want to connect with like-minded people then there is nothing like WhatsApp groups. With the help of these WhatsApp groups, you can connect with 256 people at once. You can share text messages, media files like images and videos and can even share documents like PDF, PPT, Word, Text, etc. If you don’t want to create your own group then the best part is that you can join someone else groups as well.

But with advantages, also comes some limitations, they are as follows:

  • You’ll bombard a lot of data that you may not want. If you’re part of a lot of WhatsApp groups then you’ll receive tons of messages a day and your device memory may affect this.
  • You need to manually delete the data that can waste your time.

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