What is an e-SIM? – its importance

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We all have a chip that we place inside our phone, and we call it a SIM. Subscriber Identity Module or SIM play a huge role in our mobile phones. It is not only a chip, but it carries all our networks and through this, we connect to the networks. But, the new technology’s goal is to minimise the usage of space inside the phone’s module, to unfold the new possibilities. So, companies bought in a new type of SIM, which is called an e-SIM. Let’s learn what is an e-SIM? as well as what value it will hold in the future.

What is an e-SIM?

We use a chip as a SIM card, placed inside our mobile phones. We need a separate SIM card for opting for a different network carrier. Present SIM cards can be damaged, removed, transferred as well as lost. Also, these SIM cards require a specific space and a whole different module to work. And here’s the need for an e-SIM arrived.

What is an e-SIM

An e-SIM is pre-installed on the motherboard of the phone. It is done at the time of manufacturing. An e-SIM cannot be separated from the device and is universal. It means you don’t need to bring a new SIM card while changing your network carrier. You can connect to any network by using an e-SIM. It doesn’t have any physical existence, but it’s present on your mobile phone.

In India, Airtel, BSNL, Jio and Vi are all ready for this new SIM type. Activating an e-SIM is so simple. If I talk about Airtel, so here you just need to send an SMS “eSIM<>registered email id” to 121, then you’ll get a QR Code, scan it and you’re done!

What importance does it hold?

Technology is shrinking device modules and making them handy. Using an e-SIM is beneficial in this case. An e-SIM uses 15% of the space used by a nano-SIM card. Think how small it is?

Space allotted for a SIM card, affect the design of the phone. Also, it needs a different module to work, like setting up a SIM card tray, producing SIM cards, and so on. By lowering the allotted space, a company can open up new accessibilities. They can focus on battery backup.

In case, if your phone is lost or stolen, your eSIM cannot be removed from the phone. Hence, it can be tracked easily. Someone cannot deactivate it until you do. So, for security, an eSIM is beneficial for the users. By using this, changing the network carrier isn’t an extensive process.

It uses less space and, therefore, can be easily used in smartwatches and fitness bands. Present SIM cards need to be replaced when damaged. But, there are no such chances in eSIM.

Future of an e-SIM

After knowing about an eSIM and its importance, we can conclude that this going to open up new possibilities in the future. But, it can be a downside too, because not all mobile companies are ready for this. Soon, it will be available on all the new mobile phones. Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNOs) have a key role to play in providing flexible, affordable IoT networking solutions to end-users.

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