Becoming a Snapchat Pro in 2022

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Be it Gen Z or millennials, everyone is obsessed with becoming a Snapchat pro. If you are just a beginner, go through this ultimate Beginners guide for Snapchat in 2021 once you understand all the basics you need to prep yourself up.  

Are you a Snapchat user aspiring to become a Snapchat star with lots of followers and your videos going viral? You are at the right place. I am here to help. 

Before everything, let us focus on the most vital aspect- your safety. 

Use Snapchat safely like a pro 

The unique and impressive feature of Snapchat is its privacy controls. It is the best app to have those secret conversations that you cannot have in person and the ones you want to disappear once you are done. Moreover, you will know if someone has screenshotted or screen recorded your conversation. If that is not the peak of technology then I do not know what is.   

Talking about chatting, the receivers can technically screenshot it and respond with their photos or videos, which they can then broadcast to their story for their friends and followers to see. There is a variety of ways to use this program. It is difficult not to recognize its worth and why it is special.   

A Snapchat pro must have a huge following 

It is very crucial to have a long list of followers to become a Snapchat star or influencer. You will need this to go viral and to become a part of the trending list. There aren’t many ways to achieve this. Since Snapchat doesn’t have a database to easily look up other users, we will use the old school technique i.e., asking your family and friends to add you on Snap. Moreover, attach your snap code to your profiles and share it anywhere and everywhere. If you have a strong social media presence on other social media apps, this won’t be a daunting task. 

Snapchat Pro tip: Make your followers stay 

If you have managed to gain a lot of followers, it is equally important to make them stay otherwise what is the sense even? To achieve this, you will need to have good and engaging content, interactive sessions with your followers, and consistency. People might delete it if they find your account monotonous or inactive. So be consistent and show up every day. 

You can make your content interesting by mastering the art of using Snapchat’s incredible features like stickers, Geo filters, and lenses. You can use them efficiently as they come in a wide array of themes and changes based on events or festivals around the world.  

Additionally, you can make your account more engaging and interactive by hosting various events or launching your lenses. Events may include Q&As, Snap games, or contests.  

Word of Advice 

Gaining massive followers calls for more cautiousness. When you use Geo filters and Geo stickers, it shows your friends and followers your regular whereabouts and location. It can be beneficial as well as dangerous depending upon the types of your followers. Not everybody is good. So be careful who you are sharing those stickers or snaps with. On the positive side, it can be used to escape the hassle of explaining directions by simply sharing your location with people you want to meet. 

Snapchat takeovers can work wonders 

This is a fun and unique way used mostly for marketing and selling products but if they can, why can’t we? You can do this on your friend’s account or can invite them to your account. This will make both of your followers know about you two. Big products do this all the time for reaching a larger audience. It will be fun for you and your audience to watch and will make you stand out.  

You can also promote and create hype for the takeover by announcing and advertising it on your social media accounts. You can convince more and more people to join and watch it.  

Follow trending topics 

Following trending topics and giving out your opinions about them gives your followers an impression that you are a serious and opinionated Snap chatter who is worth following. This is because you keep your followers updated about what is going around by consistently posting about those hot topics. It is a great way to hold on to your current followers and gain new ones. You may even appear on the Discover page. 

A Snapchat pro must be the first one to spread and be part of the hot topics going on in the app.

Keep a Check on Snapchat Analytics 

Snapchat analytics is an amazing feature to track down your followers’ activity on your account. It helps in learning about your audience, content reach, story view times, and other evaluations as well. It can help you in understanding the choices of your audience and in adjusting your approach accordingly. Snapchat Analytics is a whole different concept that can be learned easily by clicking here.

Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope it helps you in upgrading your account and making it more visible and discoverable. If you liked the article and want more like these for different social media apps, drop down your suggestion below in the comments. 

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