InShot Tutorial- Edit videos using InShot

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“Taking videos is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second”. With this InShot video editing tutorial, we will show you how you can manage your captured moments.

We take photographs and videos to capture the moment, look back on them one day, and recall the memories. Photographs can do it but videos take it to the next level. When we watch a video, it shows us the real-time circumstance and behind-the-scenes of those captured moments. With making videos comes a fun part of editing them. Creating and editing videos either for personal or professional purposes can be fun and amusing. With this InShot video editing tutorial, you’ll be able to fulfil your purpose.

There are a lot of video editing apps available for mobile. We don’t need expensive computers or software to edit videos, but a creative mind and the will to learn. Don’t worry, we are here with InShot video editing tutorial 2021 to help you with your journey as a content creator.

What is InShot?

The InShot app is a video editing application that is hassle-free and pretty convenient to use. It lets you crop, trim, speed up, slo-mo, and different cool transitions. If you’re someone who loves the simplicity of content then it is the right app for you. Even if you’re new to video editing and making creative content, this Inshot video editing tutorial will help you to kick start your content creator journey.

Getting Inshot

We can download Inshot from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. Or download it directly from their website.

Features of Inshot video editing app:

There are a lot of cool features on this app, some of them are a cutter, trimmer, splitter, and merger. You can pick your own canvas for the video – like 1:1 is for Instagram videos, 16:9 is for YouTube videos, and 9:16 for reels or TikTok. Trim or split the videos according to your wish or merge different clips to get a perfect video. Some other cool features are reverse, rotate, and flip which allow you to create unique content. Also, customize your videos by adjusting the saturation, brightness, and contrast.

You can show your creative side by making the most out of these features. Add texts and captions and choose your desired font style and colour. Add customizable backgrounds with different colours or blur effects. If you want to make it look more playful then there are a lot of GIFs and stickers to choose from. Moreover, there’s a music library packed with songs packed with musical tracks and effects which might fit the mood of your video. Also, you can control the audio for every clip you add.

What is InShot Pro?

InShot Pro is highly rated on the iOS AppStore and Google play store. You can always upgrade to InShot Pro if you want to get rid of advertisements and watermarks. It also provides you with additional editing tools, filters, stickers, and much more.

Now that these things are out of our way, Let’s get started with the Inshot video editing tutorial 2021.

How to use the InShot video editing app?

Let’s go ahead with this InShot tutorial to learn video editing through this app.

Using InShot video editor

As in screenshot 1, start editing a video on the InShot app by tapping “video” to open your phone’s album folder. Choose the video you want to edit, then your video will be imported on the Inshot app, now you can adjust the canvas according to your wish. There are different ratios and sizes for different social media accounts on which you want to post, it can either be portrait or landscape.

InShot video editing tutorial
Screenshot 1
InShot video editing tutorial
Screenshot 2
Inshot video editing tutorial
Screenshot 3

Trimming Videos on InShot-

As shown in screenshot 2 above, after importing comes the part of trimming the unnecessary areas of your video. You can trim lengthy videos to shorter ones or you can click on the option of “Split” to slip one video into two or more. You might want to get a pinch or the middle part of a video, in that case trimming is the best way. By this, you make sure that you get the best part of a particular shot.

  1. Select “precut” or the scissor icon from where you can trim, cut, and split, all in one.
  2. Adjust the slider to pick the shot you want to focus on.
  3. Check the checkbox button to save the necessary changes.

Merging Videos on the InShot app-

As shown in screenshot 3, You can add multiple clips to a single video by merging them. To do this, simply select the video you want to import, you can add or insert new videos by simply clicking on the “+” button at the lower left of the screen. The selected video will be added to your project.

Add Filters when editing on InShot-

InShot video editing tutorial
Add filters in InShot

Adding filters is another special feature of Inshot as there are so many options to choose from and that too for free. To add a filter click on the option “filter“, you’ll get three classifications under that: effect, filter and adjust. “Effects” vary from different types of glitches to video styles where few of them are not free of cost.

The “filter” option lets you select the kind of lightning you want on your videos. There are different colour options from bright, natural to dark shades. You can scroll to see the options and choose accordingly. Lastly, the “adjust” option provides you with all the general video editing tools. You can balance your video’s contrast, saturation, and warmth. Scroll sideways to see more options like highlights, curves, etc.

Add Transitions on the InShot video editing app

screenshot 5

When we merge a lot of clips together, we need to transition to make the video look smooth. You can add those transitions very easily by clicking on a dash in a small square box at the end of the clip. There’s a screenshot provided below (screenshot 6) for you in case you’re unable to figure it out.

Add Texts and Stickers on InShot

screenshot 6

Text in videos is a crucial element that will add an impact to your videos. The text effects have a pretty decent amount of font styles that you can choose from, you can change the colour and position of the font. Add a border, change the opacity of text, or pot a shadow, you can do all you want.

screenshot 7

There are a number of stickers and GIFs of different themes to suit your video mood. You can put different social media icons depending on which account you want to post them. Most of the stickers are free and you can purchase more.

Adding Music to InShot video editing app

screenshot 8

Music is something that can make or break the video, you need to put the correct music according to the theme of your video. To add music click on the music icon, and then there are three other classifications: Tracks, Effects, and Records.

If you go to “tracks” you’ll see a lot of music tracks to choose from or you can add music from your device by simply clicking on “import music”. Next is “effects”, where you can add different sounds of instruments, weapons, or animals. Last is “records” from where you can add your voice and overlay it onto your video.

Save Your Video from the app

screenshot 9

To save your video, you need two simple steps:

  1. Tap on the icon at the upper right of the screen, and tap “save”
  2. Not only you can save the video on your device but also export and share them with your other social media accounts.

Pros and Cons of using InShot video editor

Aside from video editing, you can also edit your
photos here so it’s a 2-in-1 application.
The cute filters and stickers do not fit a formal theme.
Social media stickers are very beneficial and not
every video editing app has.
There are a lot of apps that appear while editing and rendering the video.
The features like flip, rotate, and superzoom is really entertaining and fun.
They always come up with new updates so you can
always try out different things.

FAQs about the app

Q. Is InShot free?

Yes, Inshot is a free video editing app that provides you with all the necessary video edition tools required to make an amazing video. Although you can definitely upgrade to Inshot Pro which is the paid version of the app.

Q. How to remove a watermark in Inshot?

If you are using the free version of the Inshot app then you can easily remove the version by watching a 20-30 second ad. For removing it permanently you can upgrade to “Inshot Pro”.

Q. Why InShot?

To begin with, Inshot is a very simple app to use. Even if you’re just learning the basics of video editing then this app comes in very handy. It is a one-stop app that allows you to trim, split, and add filters, music, background, font, stickers, and whatnot. While other app makes you pay to remove the watermark, you can easily do it here if you watch some ads.

More on, if you want to know more about video editing apps then click here and read about the best video editing apps.

I hope this article was helpful, let us know in the comment section down below and tell us what you want to know more. We would love to answer those for you. Also, here are a few recommendations for you. 
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