How to add a white border to photos?

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Adding a border to your images can make them look a lot more attractive. We must have seen a lot of YouTubers using white or any other color to create a border in their thumbnail. Thumbnails play a crucial role in our YouTube video. The better the thumbnail, the better the chances of it getting clicked on. So in this article, we’ll learn the easiest way to add a white border to photos.

There are a lot of good thumbnail-making apps in 2021 but we’re going to use Picsart App. As this app makes the work easier and quicker than other apps.

Why Picsart?

Most of you might have questions like why Picsart and why not any other app? This is because Picsart has features where you can cut out any part of an image you want and put a border around it. Besides, you do not have to change apps to do different things. Here, you can do it all together.

Cutout your image-

First, you need to download the app from Google Play Store or you can head over to their website You can log in or sign up. Here, we will learn how to edit using the app.

Now that you’ve logged into the app or website, it’s time to edit the photos you want to. Click on the “+” symbol at the bottom of your app and go to ‘Backgrounds’. There are a lot of options for you to choose from.

edit photos on Picsart
edit photos on Picsart

Choose any color or pattern from the given options. You’ll see that the pattern or color will appear in a square ox which is mainly used for Instagram and Facebook posts. So to change the ratio of the page, click on ‘Fit’->‘Ratio’ and change it from square to 16:9. 16:9 is the standard size for thumbnail. Now you might see an error like the image below. The pattern appears to be square and doesn’t fill the entire canvas. To change that go to ‘Backgrounds’ and click on the pattern you want to choose, again.

create white border to photos
edit images on Picsart 2

Once your canvas is ready, go to ‘Add Photos’ which will take you to your phone gallery. Click on any photo you wish to edit and it will automatically appear on your canvas. Now you can see various options, click on ‘Cutout’. Cutout helps you to cut different parts of your image.

add a white border to photos
cut out an image

Here you can see options like person, face, clothes, sky, etc. Click on which ever part you want to add border to. I choose person here. This will automatically cut out your entire body and face area. You can manually cut out the areas as well by clicking on ‘Brush’. The image is given below.

Add a white border to photos-

The image has been cut out. It’s time put a white border to photos. To do so click on border, you can change the color of the border according to your wish. Moreover, you can also add shadow to your image, change its position and opacity according to your need.

add border and shadow to your image
add border and shadow to your image
That's it. It is that simple to add a border to your image. I hope this was helpful. If you want to know anything else about photo or video editing then let us know in the comments down below. Also, check our other articles that may help you to create better thumbnail. 

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