Top 5 video editing apps in 2022

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With a very good mobile camera in everyone’s hand, we all record videos, professionally or personally. You may be a professional YouTuber or recording personal memories, you need a video editing app to enhance the videos. In this article, we have enlisted the top 5 best video editing apps in 2022.

Before we see the top 5 video editing apps for pros, and beginners, some of you may have a couple of basic questions:

What is video editing?

According to Wikipedia, Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. This is the simplest definition, what you achieve from it depends on your creativity and experience.

Why do you need video editing?

Everyone has different needs so there is no single answer which fits all people and requirements. Once you understand the possibilities of video editing, you will find the best use of video editing for yourself.

Few examples of Video Editing: attaching multiple short videos to make one big video, think of a movie, it’s a sequence of a lot of small shots. We might also want to clip a bigger video to remove some pauses, and mistakes in the video. Other than clipping and adding videos, there are lots of effects we may apply to the videos. These effects may include visual/audio/text effects. You may also change the speed of your video. Once you start editing the videos, the possibilities are endless.

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Video editing on mobile.

Thinking of professional video editors, video editing is one of the heaviest tasks, which needs the best computers and years of professional experience. However, we do not need that level of professionalism. For most of us, even smartphones can do some of the basic video editing.

Top 5 video editing apps in 2022

Now we understand what is video editing and how we may use it, it is time to see the top 5 video editing apps in 2022.

5. Kine Master

Kine Master

Platform: Android/iOS | Price: Free (with watermark) or ₹ 287/month or ₹ 2300/Year

Kine Master is the first-ever app that I used when I started video editing. It is very advanced and you can do all sorts of editing with this app, from adding funky filters and effects to adding video upon video, it does it all. It supports chroma-key (remove green background) and it works for both Android and iOS. But, this app provides you with the best video editing feature in return for some money. If you may spend some money or are fine with watermark, Kine Master is one of the best video editing apps on mobile.

Download from Google Play Store: Rating: 4.4 | Download from Apple App Store: Rating: 4.6

Multi-track editingWatermark on the free version
Advanced features
Precision control
Kine Master PROS and CONS

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Platform: Android/ iOS | Price: FREE (Up to 3 exports) or ₹ 798/month or ₹ 9572/Year.

Adobe Premiere Rush is the first all-in-all, cross-device app for creating and sharing online videos rapidly. Even if you’re new to video editing, this video editing app enables you to create professional-looking video clips in next to no time and allows you to share them directly on your social media platforms. If you want to maximize your creative output and save time in front of a screen then it’s the perfect app since all the tools are pretty basic and simple to use. It has a rating of 3.9 on the Google Play Store and 4.6 on the Apple App Store. It is a large app of 148 MB and might crash sometimes so it’s fourth on the list.

Download from Google Play Store: Rating: 3.9 | Download from Apple App Store: Rating: 4.6

Well-designed and organized layoutLimited Transitions
User-friendly interfaceFewer video effects
Compatible with different devicesNot available on all mobiles.
Take and edit videos in the same place
Adobe Premiere Clips PROS and CONS

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3. Filmore Go


Platform: Android/ iOS | Price: FREE or ₹ 260/month or ₹1750/year or ₹ 2600 for a one-time purchase.

Filmora Go is a remarkable video editing app loved by many users including me. It has cool features of transition, music, trimming, and reverse plays which are very simple but effective features and can make the video editing process easy and fun at the same time. The best part about the app is that it not only provides you with all sorts of features but also it is free of subscription, unlike Kine Master. Filmora Go is also available on iOS, if you’re using an iPhone or iPad then you can get it from the App store. It comes on third because it makes you pay to remove the watermark but if you’re okay with that then it can be just the app you’re looking for.

Download from Google Play Store: Rating: 3.9 | Download from Apple App Store: Rating: 4.6

Easy to use both on computer
or on mobile
Watermark on the free version
Layer multiple video clips
4K resolution editing support
GIF support
FilmoraGo PROS and CONS

2. Power Director

Power Director

Platform: Android/iOS | Price: FREE or ₹ 440 monthly, ₹ 900 Quarterly or ₹ 2000 yearly

Whether you’re new to editing or an experienced editor, you won’t be disappointed by this app. This app has everything that you might want in your videos, from transitions to titles it covers it all. Power Director is not only easy to use but also very fast at rendering which makes the process hassle-free. They are constantly coming out with updates and upgrades which makes it even more fun. The combination of all the above makes it the best video editing app. It has over 100M plus downloads and is loved worldwide so it comes second on the list.

Download from Google Play Store: Rating: 4.5 | Download from Apple App Store: Rating: 4.6

Full feature editorWatermark on the free version
Simple to use
Edit and export videos in
up to 4K resolution
Power Director PROS and CONS

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1. Inshot


Platform: Android/ iOS | Price: FREE or ₹149/month, ₹ 499/year, ₹ 2650 for a one-time purchase.

If you’re looking for an app that is easy to understand and use and gives you amazing results as well, then Inshot is the best for you. It is not just simple but also has all the features that you might want to create a good video, there are so many good font styles in this app that can make a video look much more attractive. You can do cool things like reverse and slo-mo in the app free of cost. You can easily remove the watermarks by watching an ad of 10-15 seconds which is fine considering that other apps make you pay for the same. Inshot comes on the first number for its undemanding effort to edit videos.

Download from Google Play Store: Rating: 4.8 | Download from Apple App Store: Rating: 4.8

Add music, sound and
video effect easily.
It takes a little time to
render the video.
Manage volume for both audio
and visual portion of the final cut
Customizable backgrounds
Inshot PROS and CONS

Final thought

I prefer using Inshot on my mobile and most of the users, as reflected by the ratings on the App Store and play store. It has comparatively better features than other free video editing apps.

Which among them you liked most? Please comment below and lets us know which app you installed and like most.

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