5 ways to speed up Google Chrome

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These 5 ways to speed up Google Chrome are those that everybody must know. Google Chrome is the first thing we open on our phones. It is without a doubt everyone’s preferred browser. 

Chrome is the best browser for office work, homework, and any other work for that matter. Since it is so widely used as everyone’s default browser, it is continuously targeted by third-party applications, viruses, and other threats. This causes it to slow down over time, necessitating maintenance to keep it running smoothly.  

So, whether Chrome is acting sluggishly or you just want to beef up its security, follow these extremely simple steps. These will certainly help in giving your browser a much-needed fitness boost. 

Let us dive into this complete guide of 5 ways to speed up your Google Chrome:  

Cleaning is a way to speed up your Chrome 

Chrome comes with a lot of add-ons, extensions, and apps that help in making it increasingly customizable as well as efficient. But these come at a cost. These extensions take up their own space, resources, and access resulting in bogging of the chrome and it becomes slothful.  

How do you prevent this? Well, you cannot. You cannot stop using these extensions. But what you can do is remove those when you do not need them anymore. You can periodically check the lists of these extensions and apps and clear them out as per your needs. This will not only help in boosting the speed but will help in strengthening security as well.  

The next question that popped up in your mind is, how. That is quite simple. Begin by opening your browser. Next, you need to type chrome: extensions in the address bar and analyze the list of apps and extensions and remove those that you do not need.  

The more you can clear out, the better. 

Now that you have cleaned your chrome, it is time to level up your security. This will also help in boosting it. The more secure your chrome is, the safer it is from the malware. Lesser the malware, the faster your chrome. This can be achieved by going back to that chrome: extensions list again. Assess carefully all the permissions that you have given to the apps. Deny those permissions that you feel are exceeding the requirement of the given app and if it does not work without it, do not hesitate to uninstall it. This is because it can put your security at stake.  

Managing tabs is a way to speed your Chrome

Let us say, you are eating with one hand, and using your phone with another one. Will you be able to do both things simultaneously and efficiently at once? I believe the answer to that question is no. Similarly, if you are opening multiple tabs at once in your chrome, it will work slowly. The more tabs you open, the lesser the speed of your chrome.  

How do we fix this? Well, the first and obvious solution would be to keep closing useless tabs and opening one tab at a time. But it won’t work for everybody. If your work requires you to open multiple tabs at a time, I would suggest you download apps or extensions that will help you efficiently manage these extra tabs without causing your browser to slow down.

Preload pages for faster browsing

Do you know what sucks? Waiting for a page to load. Well, not anymore. Just follow these steps and you won’t have to wait for even a second to get what you are searching for.  

You just have to enable the preloading feature in Chrome. If we enable it, chrome will preload such links that you are likely to open. The process for enabling it is different for every device. Let us take a look at all of them:  

For enabling in desktop; simply type chrome: settings in your address bar. Further, look for ‘Advanced’ on the screen and click on it. Click on the Privacy and security dialog box and then activate “Preload pages for faster browsing and searching”.  

For enabling in Android: go to Chrome app’s setting and click on privacy. Select  “Preload pages for faster browsing and searching” and make sure the box next to it is checked. 

Lastly, on iOS, open the Chrome app’s settings, click on Bandwidth and then click on Preload Webpages. 

Find fast domain name system for loading URL in chrome

Whenever you type something in the address bar, the chrome connects to a DNS for looking up the URL, determining the IP address, and then landing you to the page you want.  

It works as a mediator. If the mediator is quick at its job, the results will be fast. Therefore, having a fast DNS provider is one of the most important of all the 5 ways to speed up Google Chrome.  

You can opt for different third-party reliable DNS providers to get your job done. Cloudflare and Google are some of the fastest and free providers available out there.  

Say no to HTTP

There are two kinds of websites, those that start with HTTPS and are safe, reliable, and secured protocol. But some websites use HTTP protocol which is conventional, less reliable, and not secure.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to use only those websites that use HTTPS. But how do we filter it out?
Simple, just use an extension that filters out HTTP and only opens those websites that have HTTPS. HTTPS EVERYWHERE is one such extension that you can use.

Follow these steps and ways to speed up Google Chrome and you will see the visible difference in the speed of your browser in no time.  Also, if you're interested in similar articles then here are a few recommendations for you. 

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