How to enable Instagram Dark mode on phone and PC?

If you’re a dark mode user, then Instagram’s bright white background can cause you to get irritated whenever you open the app. Fortunately, this feature can be enabled by going to the app’s settings. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about different ways to enable dark mode on Instagram on Android and PC.

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Enable dark mode from the system’s settings

If your phone has a dark mode option, so you can simply turn it on. And this will switch all the apps (that offer dark mode) to dark mode, including Instagram. For switching to dark mode, there are two ways. Either you can go to the quick settings and turn on dark mode.

Quick settings

Or you can change the mode by going to the main settings. From the main settings, select Display and then select Dark Mode.

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Enable dark mode within the app

If you want dark mode, particularly in the Instagram app, then here is another option. You can change the theme of the app within the app settings. For doing so, go to your profile, and tap on the Settings icon. Select Theme from the list. Choose Dark.

Instead of changing the mode of the whole system, you can simply change Instagram’s theme.


Dark theme on Browser

Instagram doesn’t offer a Dark theme on the browser yet. But, here is a simple trick to enable a dark theme on the browser as well. Open Instagram on your browser and type It will switch Instagram to dark mode on the PC or browser.

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Add an extension on Chrome

Google Chrome offers an extension which will change the theme of your browser. It means every website you will open, will be visible to you in the dark mode. Hence, when you open Instagram on Chrome, you can enjoy the dark theme on the Desktop. Add extension by going to the Chrome web store, and searching ‘Dark Mode for Chrome’. Install it and turn it on.

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