Track your lost iOS phone in 2023 

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Do not worry if you have lost your iOS gadget; this article will help you track it. We humans, no matter how cautious we are, tend to misplace stuff, particularly when it comes to mobile devices. I believe the cell phone is one of the most easily misplaced objects. Do not worry if you have misplaced your Apple gadget; this article will tell you all you need to know to get it back. If you have an Android phone, please see our other page on lost Android phones. 

Apple provides software that can help you find a misplaced iPhone, and if it has been stolen, you can use that software to delete the iPhone and lock it down to secure your data.  

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How to Use the Find My iPhone App to track your lost iOS

Find My is a free service from Apple. It is simple to install and may be the most useful app on your iPhone (since iOS 13, the app has been called Find My, but was previously called Find My iPhone). Find My also works with your iPad, Apple Watch, Air Pods, and Mac, allowing you to keep track of all your Apple gadgets. It can also keep track of your family’s devices if you are all connected via a Family Sharing account; this means that if you lose your iPhone, you can simply find it through your partner’s smartphone if they are linked through Family Sharing.   

How to Configure Find My  

It is critical that you have Find My in place and activated on your device so that it can track your lost iOS when the tragedy occurs.  

If you have not previously, here is how to activate Find My iPhone:   

  1. On your iPhone, choose Settings.  
  1. To input your iCloud login information, click on your name at the top of the list.  
  1. Scroll down and press the Find My button.  
  1. Select Find My iPhone.  
  1. Make sure the slider next to Find My iPhone is green on the next screen. Enable Find My Network and Send Last Location as well.  

Track your lost iOS using Find My  

  1. Open Find My app  
  2. Find My Icon  
  3. Locate the Find My app, whether you are using an iOS device or a Mac.  
  4. On an iPhone, pull down from the centre of the screen and put ‘Find’ into the search box; Find My should appear in the recommendations area   
  5. To find the Find My app on a Mac, use the Command + Space bar and start typing “Find.”  
  6. If you are using a non-Apple device, such as a PC or an Android phone, go to and sign in. 

Log into Find My 

track lost iOS
Find My iPhone

Open the Find My app on your Apple device, or go to and click on the Find My symbol. If this is not your device, you will need to enter your Apple ID and password. This is the login you will use anytime you purchase anything from the App Store or log in to any other Apple services. You will have created an Apple ID when you first purchased an Apple device.  

Locate the lost device  

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will see a list of “Devices,” which includes all the devices associated with your account, such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Air Pods, and Macs. If Family Sharing is turned on, the devices that other family members own will show up under that list.  

On a Mac, go to the Devices tab and browse through the options until you locate the one you want. As with the iPhone interface, you will see your devices and any Family Sharing devices. This is shown alongside a map of your nearby devices’ locations.  

If you are using iCloud, go to the top of the window and choose All Devices to view all your devices.  

Click or touch the gadget you are looking for. You may notice a spinning indicator indicating that the device is being tracked down; please wait while Find My locates it.  

Make a sound using your iPhone.  

If you find your iPhone in the Find My app and observe that it is near where you are—near enough for you to hear if it makes a sound—you may use the Find My app to play a sound on it.  

Simply press the Play Sound button on an iPhone or iPad.  

Click on “Play Sound” if you are using iCloud. When using Find My on a Mac, you must first click on the gray information box next to the device’s position on the map before you can access the choices, which include Play Sound.  

This is a fantastic choice if your device is at home, in your vehicle, at a friend’s house, or someplace else where someone you know can find it, but what if it isn’t in a position where you have someone who can help you retrieve the device? In such a case, go to the next step.  

Mark your iPhone as Lost 

Mark it lost

If your iPhone is not nearby or if its position is changing (you left it on a bus or train) and you are not able to track it, you should identify it as a lost iOS. Follow the instructions below, depending on the device you are using to access them. 

Tap Activate under Mark as Lost on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If you are using iCloud, go to Find My and choose Lost Mode. 

You will see an explanation of what will happen next, including the fact that you will be notified when the device is found, that the device will have Activation Lock implemented (so it will not be possible to unlock it without using your Apple ID), and that any payment cards you use through Apple Pay will be suspended.  

You may also pick Leave a Message, which will show a phone number and a message on the iPhone.  

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Enter a phone number and message 

track lost iOS

After you report your device as lost, you can give the person who finds it your contact information. This should help them get it back to you. You must include a phone number that may be used to reach you. You will also be given the opportunity to add a message. It will be shown on your iPhone to the person who discovers it. “This iPhone has been lost,” Apple advises. Please contact me”.  

After entering the information, click/tap on “Activate.”  

Set your iPhone to inform you when you are discovered.  

If Find My iPhone is unable to locate your iPhone, you will be given the option to be notified when it is located as well as to erase this device. If you still have a ray of hope that your iPhone (or iPad) will be returned, choose “Notify When Found.”  

Depending on the device, you may need to change the Notifications settings in System Preferences or Settings. You will get a notice and position data the next time the iPhone connects to Wi-Fi or a cellular network, or another Apple identifies it through Bluetooth.  

Delete the iPhone  

If getting your iPhone back seems hopeless, you should delete the device.

Click or press Erase This Device, followed by Continue. If you do manage to restore the iPhone, you will be able to do so from the backup.  

The data on the iPhone will not be wiped until the iPhone connects to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.   

As with the previous option to leave a message, if you go through the procedures to delete the iPhone, you will also be able to add a message that will be shown on the iPhone if it is recovered. Because there is no place to enter your phone number or contact information, you may enter them yourself. But be careful not to reveal too much information to the people who may have stolen your iPhone! 

Tap or click Erase, then input your Apple ID password and tap/tap Erase again.   

If you change your mind, click Cancel Erase, but you will have to enter your password again. 

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