Make your android run faster: 5 easy ways 

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Your Android phone can become slow for numerous reasons, which can be very frustrating. Make your Android run faster using these tips and tricks to save yourself from being embarrassed because of your super slow phone. Your smartphone’s speed and performance eventually deteriorate with continued use, regardless of the device you use. Is that accurate? The first few months are a wonderful ride, but as time goes on, your smartphone starts to lag 

As your phone’s performance degrades, you could experience a variety of problems, including a slowdown. Let’s get started and explore how you may improve the speed and functionality of your phone by utilizing a few hacks. 

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Make Sure Your Android OS Is Updated 

Literally, the most fundamental action you should take to speed up your Android is this one. If your phone frequently hangs or freezes, see if the OS can be updated. 

A software update helps speed up the performance of your Android device because the most recent OS version typically includes performance enhancements and bug fixes.  

Open the Settings application to look for software updates. Tap System > Software or system update, then adhere to the onscreen prompts. 

Utilize a Minimal Web Browser 

Android’s default web browser is Chrome, and I know you are probably more accustomed to it; however, it uses a huge number of resources. To increase the speed and functionality of your Android smartphone, I suggest using a different browser software. Puffin, Brave, or DuckDuckGo are the three quickest and most lightweight web browsers available for Android that can do the same work for you as Chrome using much fewer resources. 

Stop background app synchronization 

Numerous pre-installed Android apps, including News, Weather, and Social, are set to automatically sync and operate in the background all the time. These programs update every 15 minutes, which places a heavy burden on the processor. Turn off background app synchronization in the Settings app. Try adjusting the frequency period to a longer duration, such as “Every 6 hours” or “Every 3 hours,” if you don’t want to disable it permanently. This will not only decrease the burden on your Android and make it run faster, but it will also save you storage. 

Make use of the booster apps. 

You can save time and effort by using a speed optimizer application. On the Play Store, you’ll find tons of apps that you can use to speed up your Android. One of the most popular apps for this task is Phone Master. With only a few clicks, you can enhance the speed and functionality of your Android phone. The app is loaded with features that work efficiently in cleaning up your device, removing unwanted files, duplicate photos and documents, and other files eating up your phone’s storage, thereby hampering its performance.  

You can also use the Smart Phone Cleaner software. The software has some extraordinary features that immediately improve your device. It clears the Android cache, removes duplicate files, cleans garbage files, conserves battery life, and guards your phone against malware and other nefarious threats. You can also make use of extra benefits like Hibernate Mode, App Lock, and Game Speed Up mode. 

With just a few clicks, your Android phone can run faster with the help of the potent speed enhancer app for Android known as Smart Phone Cleaner. It is without a doubt the best technique to make your phone faster. 

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Speeding up Animations on Android 

To increase the animation speed of your smartphone, first, enable developer options:

  • Settings > My phone or About phone > tap on the Build number seven times. 
  • Then, you’ll be asked to enter your phone’s PIN or draw its pattern. Once done, you’re now in developer mode. 
  • The next thing is to head to Settings > System > Developer options. Then, navigate to the Drawing section containing the window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale. 
  • Tap on each of them and ensure they’re set by default to 1x. 
  • To exit Developer mode, open Settings > System > Developer options. Then, toggle the slider to OFF. 
I hope this article will help you to find the best memory card for yourself. If it was helpful, then do let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you’re interested in similar articles, then here are a few recommendations for you. 
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