Customize Windows 11 Desktop

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Are you bored of using the same desktop? Or are you habitual of the prior desktop you had in Windows 11? If yes, go ahead with this article to learn how to customize the windows 11 desktop. You can make your Windows 11 look cool and attractive. So let’s begin.

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Set Background

If you have not done any customization before, so let’s start from the basics. You may already know that Windows offers varieties of themes, wallpapers, cursors, and a few more settings. You can find them under the settings app, just right-click on the desktop and choose Personalization.

First of all, set the desktop background. You can choose from the four options to set a background–solid color, picture, slideshow, or Windows Spotlight. When you’ll change your background, the other desktop elements will also change accordingly. However, you can turn it off manually by going to colors.

If the Accent Colors option is turned on, then Windows will automatically pick colors from the background for the other desktop elements. More on, you can change it to manual from the drop-down menu to set your own colors.

Checkout themes

If you think, you are not creative enough or you think you will end up wasting a lot of time, then there’s something else for you. There are so many pre-designed themes that you can use and customize your Windows 11 desktop.

If you want to make changes to a particular theme, you can do it manually and save it when you are done. You can customize a theme by changing desktop wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, and other desktop elements. For doing so, Go to Personalization, and search for the Theme sub-menu.

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Add a Slideshow

If you are bored with the same wallpaper, then adding a slideshow might be perfect for you. Luckily, in Windows 11 you can add a slideshow by selecting your own desired pictures.
For doing so, go to Windows settings, then select the personalization menu. Now, look for the Background sub-menu and then, select slideshow.

Can I set my own photos or family photos as a slideshow in the background?
Sure, you can add a particular folder and the pictures in it will run as a slideshow in the background of your Windows 11.

After selecting Background, browse the desired folder from the file manager and select your preferred images. Furthermore, you can set a time limit for your pictures, so that each time you go back to your desktop, you’ll see a different picture. It also works even if you are using a custom theme.

Change the Font

Fonts are a very important part of a display. You can customize your Windows 11 desktop by changing the font. This is an effortless process, you can install the most rated fonts as per your choice and give a new look to your Windows.

You can do so by going to the Windows settings, then selecting the personalization menu. Under personalization, click on the Font sub-menu. There you can explore all the available fonts, and you can install your favorite font by dragging it to the Add font headed box in the upper-left corner.

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Customization App

Customization apps are specially designed to help Windows user personalize their desktop. With these apps, users can add GIFs, images, lively wallpapers, webpages, and so on to their desktops. However, there are so many customization apps available, but here we have outlined one of the best customization apps for Windows 11.


This is an incredible tool to skin your Windows 11. It is not only used for Windows 11 but also supported by other Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8, and 10 too. Rainmeter is a handy tool that let us customize our Windows 11 completely based on our choices.

The amazing thing here is, it uses very little hardware during functioning, hence it will not harm your PC and let your PC run smoothly. You can customize widgets and applets in the form of skin. More on, you can search for more skins under Suites.

For giving an interesting look to your Windows 11 desktop, you can use this tool.

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Customize Taskbar

The centered taskbar that holds the applications for quick access is fully customizable. You can pin your most-used applications on the taskbar for easy access. You can remove the existing applications from the taskbar and can add your own selected apps.

For adding an application to the taskbar, search for the app from the start menu and open it. Now, right-click on the app’s icon at the taskbar and select Pin to taskbar. Now, even if you close the application, it will remain there in the taskbar. the more simplest way of doing this is, you can go to the start menu and search for the application you want to pin. Then, right-click on the application and click on more, then choose Pin to Taskbar.

Similarly, for removing any application from the taskbar, just right-click on the app’s icon at the taskbar and select Unpin from the taskbar. The app will be removed from the taskbar if you are not using it.

Customize Start Menu

The Start Menu is another easiest way to access applications. From here you can access any application installed on your PC. You can pin your most-used applications on the start menu and can access them easily without going through the list of all applications.

The start menu appears when you click on the Start button. For pinning your favorite or most-used apps, go to all programs and search for the application you want to pin. Right-click on the application from the list and then choose Pin to Start Menu.

You can pin only a few applications on Start Menu, therefore make sure you are pinning the most useful applications.

We hope this article was helpful. If it was, then please let us know in the comments below.

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